“Husband Mother Calls CPS On Me Because I Left Her Son.”

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I (23f) left my ex (26m) within the last couple of weeks. My ex actually told me his mother was plotting to take my 3 month son away from me. I left immediately. A week later he comes and begs for forgiveness because he was manipulated (which I agree) I was shown the proof. That it was all MIL’s idea and she was plotting this since I was pregnant. He had told her we broke up, and after a very long talk, he agreed to marriage counseling, seperate sleeping areas until I was comfortable.

Fast forward, I had just returned home from the pediatrician with LO. (He has a cold) when there was a knock at the door. I answered it and it’s a woman who says she was with CPS with some policemen.They had gotten an anonymous call saying that our son was being neglected by me, I was refusing to feed him and I was on drugs. I asked to call my husband home from work, and requested they speak quietly since LO was napping in his crib. They agreed to both. The lady followed me to go wake the baby. She inspected the room. It was dark despite it being 2 pm. Had his galaxy nightlight on the ceiling, you could smell the lavender in his diffuser to help clear his sinus. And hear the faint classical lullabies playing. She picked him up and he started screaming (I have a certain way I wake him up which is gentle rubs on the head and kisses on the cheek) she took him to our living room. And started inspecting.

Saying nothing but writing on her notepad. They were rough with taking off his clothes and he’s still screaming. I asked to hold him and was told no. Husband came in after they inspected and then I was given permission to soothe him. I cleared his sinus, changed him, and made him a bottle. They start asking about his schedule. Food. Etc. We showed his boxes of diapers, wipes, formula & cabinets. I showed my prescriptions and provided the info of my OB so they could see my urinalysis. After everything. They sat us down and said that they failed to find any evidence of neglect, starvation, or drug usage. Basically they told us this case was going to be thrown out. They couldn’t tell us who sent in the tip. But after they left, the husband got a call from his mom asking how the CPS visit went. And if they arrested me. Turns out DH didn’t tell her we were working out our marriage. Long story short. She’s blocked. My husband apologized for everything and my baby is still with me. What should I do? Can I report her?

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