Daughter Notices Mother Isn’t Excited When She Announced Her Pregnancy. She Is So Right.

Children are a blessing from God. It is a mother and father’s role to nurture and raise their children with love and affection. Yes, grandparents may aid at times, but parents should not take advantage of this and mistreat and take grandparents for granted. Read the story to know why the mother was too excited about her daughter’s pregnancy and do you think the mother’s reaction was right?

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My daughter and her husband have recently announced their fourth baby in a small little family gathering I hosted.

I know I should be excited and congratulatory, but I’m really not, I just felt exhausted the moment she announced.

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My daughter and her husband aren’t really well off financially, so they regularly drop off the kids with me since they can’t afford daycare. Of course, I don’t mind watching them but the problem is that they’ll pick them up quite late then the agreed time, so like I say 9, but then they come at 1. Sometimes it feels like my grandkids spend more time with me than them.

They also rely on me for money as well, but I’m not sure if the money I send them is being used on my grandchildren as I’ve seen them buy new stuff for themselves after I give them money for something relating to the kids.

There’s a lot more I can rant about, but it just feels like it’s just gonna be another child for me to take care of and I just can’t force myself to be excited anymore, I honestly think they should’ve stopped at one.

Well, my daughter noticed my lack of a noticeable reaction and asked me if I’m happy to be a grandma again and I honestly blurted out “Again? Really?”

I didn’t mean to, but she didn’t take that well and said I was a horrible person for not being excited for her and for getting a new grandchild and the whole room just became tense after that.

Me and my daughter haven’t talked much since, but she still drops off the grandkids. Apparently she’s waiting for an apology until she’s ready to talk to me, and while I’m hesitant, I don’t want to split apart the family. Am I A Jerk?

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