Daughter Praised For Booking An AirBNB Rather Than Staying At Parents House.

The finest connection in the world is unquestionably the one between a parent and kid. However, not all kids have a good relationship with their parents due to favoritism. Read the story to know what conversation took place between the mother and daughter and let us know if you agree with the daughter’s decision?

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I have been living abroad for almost 2 years, and I haven’t visited home since I moved away. Next year I will have the opportunity to take a month off work with a paid round trip flight (this is part of my job’s bonus structure) to visit home. This trip wouldn’t be until late spring at the earliest, but I decided to talk to my family about it now because I know my parents like to plan trips every year in the spring and summer.

My parents live in a 4-bedroom house, which is currently used as a master suite, a guest room, and 2 offices (my dad works from home and my mom’s job is hybrid so hers is also a craft room). My 28 year old brother has been living in the guest room since last fall when his ex-girlfriend dumped him and kicked him out. He is saving money for a down payment on a house and they do not charge him rent to live there.

When I asked my mom if I would be able to stay with them for the month I have off, she told me I would be more than welcome to “crash on an air mattress in the living room” but she wouldn’t be inconveniencing my brother just for me. I was really confused by this because I hadn’t even mentioned my brother. She then told me that since my brother also works from home, he’s been using her office to work in addition to the guest room, and that means I wouldn’t be able to use her office for an air mattress (for the record, the room he sleeps in has a nice handmade desk built into one of the corners that I guess he uses for a large flat screen).

I asked her if it was realistic to assume my brother would even still be there 8 months from now considering he’s supposedly saving for a house. She said he doesn’t currently make enough to afford a house in their town and he’s unwilling to consider a neighboring town (which is what my other 2 siblings did when they bought their houses) so he’s living there indefinitely.

I was annoyed (my brother is the youngest and she has a history of prioritizing whatever he wants over the needs and desires of her other 3 children) and I told her I wouldn’t be sleeping on the floor of an open room for a month. I said if I was going to be paying for an Airbnb I’d rather go to the beach. She was offended that I’d go somewhere else and told me they’d all really like to see me. I told her if she really wanted to see me she’d put a little more effort into making sure I was comfortable while I was there.

The call ended poorly. This was a few weeks ago and I haven’t responded. When I explained what happened to my older brother he agreed that my mom was being a bit unreasonable, but my sister told me I was acting entitled and I should be grateful they’d let me stay at all. I told my sister I’m just going to rent an Airbnb at the beach and they can come see me if they want. Am I the a**h**e for refusing to stay with them if I have to sleep on the living room floor?

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