Girl Justifies Herself For Threatening To Call Cops And Calling Her Dad A Human Trash.

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I (17F) have a half sister on my dad’s side, Jasmine (27F). Me and Jasmine aren’t super duper close but she’s very nice, we do keep in touch and just vent about life. Dad isn’t very… understanding towards Jasmine? I don’t really know how to put it, but from what I’ve seen and heard he’s very pushy towards her and almost always makes some remark about how she’s not doing enough. Mom doesn’t like her much and says that she doesn’t respect them.

Jasmine has a “friend” John (early/mid 30sM). I put quotation marks because it’s obvious she and John are a lot more than friends and she has told me before that she loves him, but she refers to him as a friend in front of mom and dad (although they also suspect otherwise).

John lives in a neighboring state to us. Jasmine was going to catch a train there and meet him at the station- Long story short and from the details I heard, mom got hold of Jasmine’s phone when she came over at some point and blocked John’s number. She has her Gmail on her phone, which mom also blocked John’s email from. Jasmine didn’t realize until way later. This caused a HUGE misunderstanding between them- she basically went to the station, waited for hours and he didn’t show up.

Jasmine was in a really bad state and I couldn’t believe my parents could pull something like that, so I asked them and mom said she and dad thought this needed to be done for her own good. I shouted at them, threatening to call the cops if they didn’t apologize to Jasmine and try to make things right (side note: I don’t know if the cops would do anything in this case or if they’re relevant, I just said it at the moment).

Dad said I was butting into ‘adult matters’ and I was too young to understand, I said I understood enough and called him a human trash can. They said I need to mind my mouth and apologize to them, which I refused to. Mom said how she can’t believe I’d act like this and I’ve ‘picked up’ on Jasmine’s tendencies, my uncle came over the other day and I heard dad crying to him about how he’s so hurt by his daughter (me). I think what I said was justified but there’s quite a few people telling me I’m in the wrong, so did I go too far with my outburst? Am I wrong?

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