Am I Wrong Asking Step-Daughter To Move Out To Make Room For My Unborn Baby.

Blended families may be challenging, particularly when a parent is trying to manage their relationship with a stepson or stepdaughter. There can occasionally be strange power relations between stepparents and stepchildren that some caregivers are unable to handle. In this story the stepmom becomes pregnant with a second child and decides she wants her adult stepdaughter to leave the house. Read the story and let us know if you agree with her?

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So small backstory, my husband and his daughter moved into my house back in 2016. I was more than happy for my step-daughter (Erin) to move in since she doesn’t get on with her own mother.

Me and my husband have a child of our own who is now 5. Erin and my son get along so well and she is amazing with him, but sometimes I get a little jealous about the bond they have. My son only wants to be hugged by her or spend his time with, he even stopped wanting me to read him a story at night and says he likes the way Erin does it better. I admit this makes me jealous but it is not the reason I want her out like my husband keeps thinking is the reason.

We recently found we’re having another child and since our house only has 3 bedrooms there just won’t be enough room. I want to turn Erin’s room into a nursery room.

Since it is my house, I thought my husband would understand that I want my room back as I was nice enough to let her stay here for 6 years. She’s 18 now and legally an adult so I don’t feel any guilt about asking her to leave. Her college doesn’t have accomodation so she lives here while at college so I understand it would be difficult for her to find a place to stay. She could even move back in with her own mother while she looks for a place.

My husband is mad at my decision and is calling me an AH and saying if she goes then he goes too. I don’t want to lose him too but I feel like this is my decision, not his. I’ve not told Erin about this yet but planning to soon so I can get on with decorating before I physically can’t. I’m worried she’ll think I’m an AH too since I still want a relationship with her. So please help me. Am I really a Jerk?

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