Daughter Refused To Change Her Engagement Date, The Whole Family Is Against Her Decision.

Source: Reddit

I (47 f) have 2 daughters, Alice (23 f) and Katie (19 f). Alice recently got engaged and they’re having a little engagement dinner next week.

Katie just split up with her boyfriend of almost 2 years and she’s understandably a bit upset. She doesn’t want to go to the engagement dinner because she said Alice is having it to spite her and her split (Alice knew about the split).

I told her that she could’ve picked a later date, when Katie’s feeling better but Alice said that we were being unreasonable and she’s sorry for Katie, but this doesn’t have anything to do with her. I said that maybe she didn’t mean it directly, but it does seem like she’s showing off and not being inclusive.

Alice got pretty mad and hung up. I don’t think I did anything wrong, it was just a suggestion and Katie and my husband both agree with me, but clearly Alice doesn’t. Do you think our request is reasonable?

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