Tampa churchgoers save two abducted 12-year-old girls after one mouths ‘help me, this is not my dad’

A woman may have spared the lives of two kids after noticing one of them saying, “Help me, he is not my dad,” while being taken by a guy purporting to be her dad.

On Sunday night, two young females were leaving Cherry’s Bar and Grill in Tampa’s FishHawk’s park square when 37-year-old David Daniels joined them and claimed he’d ‘supervise’ their walk home.

Daniels allegedly started repeatedly beating one of the females over the head and putting the other in a headlock while attempting to chase them.

According to officers, both children feared they were being abducted.

The girls, who had never seen Daniels before, got on their bikes and headed to a neighbouring church to seek assistance.

Daniels is said to have followed the girls inside the church and pretended they were his daughters.

When the woman who intervened noticed something was awry, she was standing outside the church.

The woman, who did not want to be recognised expressed that, one of the small kids was mouthing to her, “Please help me, he is not my father,” 

The woman greeted Daniels and the daughters at church, echoing his account.

‘He was kind of talking over her, right behind her, putting his arm over her neck and whispering something in her ear, saying, “We just moved here, we just want to see how we can help you accomplish whatever you’re doing,” the lady explained.

When she questioned where he had relocated from, Daniels said that he wasn’t sure.

Others at the church, notified by the lady, kept Daniels distracted until 911 was summoned.

Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office detained David Daniels, 37, of Brandon, on two charges of wrongful confinement of a child and child abuse.

The woman stated that she does not want any credit for this. She does not want to be a hero. She simply did what she would expect anyone to do for her own children.

Daniels is being jailed at Hillsborough County Jail on a bail of $104,000.

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