Mom Kicks Out White Nationalist Son After His Arrest In Pride Riot Plot: ‘Pack Your Stuff And Get Out Of My House’

According to a source, one of the 31 Patriot Front members detained during an Idaho Pride march over the weekend was driven out of his mom’s house for failing to disown the white supremacist group.

Karen Amsden said that after her 27-year-old son Jared Michael Boyce turned up on her doorstep in Springville, Utah, on Sunday after being released from prison by an anonymous donor, she offered him an option.

Amsden told her son he has a choice between Patriot Front and his family. To which he replied he can’t leave the Patriot Front. His mom responded well he just picked what he wanted so she told him to grab his belongings and leave her place.

Boyce informed his mother that he attended Saturday’s Pride celebration in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, prepared with riot gear, since Patriot Front suspected those engaged in “grooming minors.”

Amsden claimed she instantly recognized her son when she saw news coverage about the 31 arrests. She looked through photographs of males wearing balaclavas and ultimately found Boyce.

She told the publication that she knew it was him and she tried phoning his phone, but it simply went to voicemail, and later she was able to browse the prison website and establish that he was one of the individuals detained. It’s a nasty sensation.

Amsden stated that her son had spent years looking for a “brotherhood” and filling a “gap” after his dad came out as gay and left their family when he was younger.

As per his mom, Boyce was living with his then-wife and their two kids in 2018 when he discovered the Patriot Front on the internet.

Amsden told the publication that she first realised how far he’d gone when he denied the Holocaust and Anne Frank is one of her personal idols.She simply assumed he was joking when he told me that ‘How, for example, can you?’ She didn’t know what to say. 

He’s so confused and bought into all their stuff, she continued. It simply makes her sick.

Amsden’s mother stated that she was stepping out now to undermine her son’s status with the extreme right organisation since all prior efforts had backfired.

She stated she wants to do all she can to keep him as a Patriot Front member from being a part of it. And that they don’t want him in their group because his mother has loose lips and a loud mouth, and he’ll never get away with anything.

Boyce and 30 other Patriot Front members were arrested on accusations of preparing to physically interrupt the Pride celebration when their U-Haul rental vehicle was pulled aside.

Police got a complaint from a worried resident reporting that a big number of guys, resembling a “small army,” had climbed into the back of a U-Haul, with some holding shields.

At least 11 states were represented, such as Washington, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Colorado, South Dakota, Illinois, Wyoming, Virginia, Idaho, and Arkansas. According to Coeur d’Alene Police Chief Lee White.

“They came to riot downtown,” stated Chief White.

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