Woman left ‘feeling unsafe’ after ‘creepy’ taxi driver tracks her down on social media

A taxi customer was shocked when a ‘creepy’ driver found her on social media and invited her out for a drink, claiming he hadn’t stopped thinking about her for three months.

Miniver Larman, 25, of Oxford, said she ordered a cab from the railway station to her residence with Go Green Taxis on the evening of March 5th and had a wonderful trip, conversing with the driver about her day and his vacation.

She stated she didn’t think anything of it until June 12, when she said she got a Facebook message from him that said ever since they had a beautiful little conversation in his taxi after her London Theatre trip, her name has been stuck in his brain.

He hoped she wouldn’t mind him texting, but he was thinking if she wants to go out for a drink some day.

He proposed meeting her at a festival in Southampton last weekend, and the discussion left her feeling ‘unsafe’ since the driver knew her address and had followed her down on social media.

The 25-year-old filed a complaint with the taxi company, requesting that the driver not pick up her fares in the future. She received a brief apologetic message that read: I’m sorry to hear you had this negative experience with us. I will forward this to my boss, who will take it up in the morning and handle it properly.

Miniver, on the other hand, is pleading with them to discipline the driver for his texts to her in order to ‘avoid another woman experiencing the same thing,’ and claims she hasn’t heard anything further from the agency since.

Miniver explained, this cab ride happened in March, which is why it was sort of surprising for her to see him in her message requests considering it was quite a long time. 

He messaged her on Facebook, so he kept her entire name and looked for her. Because it’s an app, he saw her entire name on the booking.

She continued that she believes that he should be reprimanded, like for at least a month or two where he can’t drive a taxi service. If he’s done this to her, there’s a good chance he’s done it to other women, or he doesn’t understand that’s not right.

It doesn’t make her feel comforted; it’s simply a brief note saying, ‘I’m sorry you had a negative experience.’ It has a very cookie-cutter vibe to her.

She believes the taxi driver mistook her kindness during the ride for something else.

She continued when she read the text, she was simply astonished as you hear about these things occurring but when it actually occurs to you, you wonder how is this genuine?

‘How could this individual have missed how weird that is?’ She began to feel frightened since he left her off at her house.

She believes it’s quite unethical and puts women, in particular, in a perilous situation.

Miniver tweeted about her encounter that was practically the scariest thing. Please do not attempt this.

She has notified him to the taxi company and requested that he never pick her up again.

She is quite worried right now, but she knows she did the right thing.

The majority of responses to the tweet were supportive and felt that the driver acted wrongly, with one writing, ‘They should definitely sack him.’ ‘I hope you’re doing well, Mini.’

‘So dark, obtrusive, and creepy,’ observed another. I’m sorry you had to go through that.’

However, one respondent voiced concern about how the complaint would affect the driver, adding, ‘Bit much, lad might lose his job.’

Another, though, was quick to answer with ‘good.’

Miniver now believes the incident has turned her off from using taxis or any company that employs applications that allow drivers to see consumers’ complete information.

She said she is certainly not going to use that taxi service again. She used to appreciate that it was on an app since she felt more comfortable knowing she had all of their information.

But now she is thinking it would be better to hire a regular cab service since they won’t know her identity.

She explained, you’ve trusted them with your information and you’ve trusted them to get you home safely, and as a woman, it shouldn’t be that being kind to somebody means you’re coming on to them.

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