Daughter Refuses To Patch Up With Her Father’s Wife. Drama Ensues.

The story is about a 16-year-old girl and her brothers who lost their mother at a young age and were adopted by their father’s new wife, Beth. The girl and her older brother never agreed to the adoption, and now they want to be adopted by their maternal grandparents. Their father and Beth want to work out a compromise, but the girl feels it’s too late and unfair to erase their biological mother’s memory.

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I’m 16f and I have two brothers 18m and 14m. We lost our mom when we were 3, 5 and 7 and our dad remarried when we were 4, 6 and 8. It felt like they had known each other about a month when they got married but it possible they were together longer. About a month after mom died dad was in a widows and widowers group and that’s how he met his wife, Beth. Beth lost her husband and had no kids. When they got married they sat us down and told us Beth was going to adopt us.

My older brother and I objected. But we were ignored. Around that time we heard some extended family try to talk them out of it as well, saying we would be taken care of if anything happened to our father, no need to go through with the adoption. Beth told them she was our mother now and the adoption needed to happen. We spoke to a social worker and the judge before the adoption happened. Initially their request was rejected based on our conversations. But then they came up with a story that we’d have nobody else to take care of us and our family had already said they wouldn’t raise us if anything happened to dad and it was done.

Older brother and I never liked it, younger brother didn’t really no any better but by age 7 was saying he wished he wasn’t adopted as well. He could have been copying us. But he says he really feels that way so…

We have had new birth certificates ever since the adoption and her name is in the place of mother. Found that out when I gave my mom’s name in school one day and had to bring in my birth certificate and saw Beth’s name. My brothers had no idea that had happened either. It pissed off my older brother so much that he told Beth he hoped she would die and we could be adopted again since she was far more replaceable than mom. That incident made Beth and our father put him into therapy with them. That lasted for two years until he moved out last year. He then asked our maternal grandparents to adopt him since he couldn’t find a way to reverse the adoption.

Recently Beth and my father have figured out that I want to do the same and so does my younger brother. Beth broke down and said she just wanted the chance to be a mother and wanted us to love her back. My father suggested they do therapy with me and my brother (separate sessions with each of us) and that we try to work out a compromise. I told him it was too late for that. They already erased mom and nothing they could say would make me feel different about what they did. I told Beth we were never her children and she would need to accept the fact she was never going to be loved back. My father told me that wasn’t true. We could still work something out, like have our grandparents adopt us but call him and Beth mom and dad and let them still be parents and grandparents in the future.

When I said there was no room for compromise and it was too late they said I was being so unfair.

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