Daughter Warns Mother And Her Husband Never To Touch Her Locket.

A girl shares her story about her treasured locket with pictures of her late father, sister, and brother. Her mother remarries and adds her new husband and children to the new locket, causing tensions between them. One day, she finds out that her stepfather and mother had taken out her father’s photo and tried to fit in their own, leading to a confrontation where she tells them off and demands they stay away from her.

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BG on the locket. When I was 5 my dad bought me a locket with pictures of him, my mom, my sister and brother (both older). When I was 7 my dad and sister died in a car accident. My locket became something so treasured I wore it all the time and didn’t care if it was a formal event or not.

When I was 8 my mom remarried. Mom’s husband is Jeff. Jeff had a 1 year old called Nathan whose mom was not in the picture. Mom and Jeff then had two daughters together pretty quickly. My locket was something they all knew about because they’d see me wear it. Mom asked me a couple of times to add Jeff, Nathan and the girls and I told her I didn’t want to. So when I was 16 mom and Jeff bought me a new locket with their photos in it. I never wore it put I put it in a jewelry box I own. There were some comments and tensions that I never wore the new one. My half sisters were upset about me not changing which one I wore all the time. I explained why the original was special and they told me the new one was more special because it included them. My mom was annoyed at me for how I handled it and Jeff b**ched at me for not appreciating what they did for me.

I’m 19 now and I live in a small apartment. My brother lives with his girlfriend. A couple of weeks ago we stayed at my brother’s house and when I woke up that morning, my locket had been moved (I don’t wear it to bed in case it breaks). Went about my day and that weekend. When I got home a couple of days later I wanted to look at the photos inside and noticed they’d taken out my dad’s photo and tried to squeeze in Jeff, Nathan and the girls. I was angry. I called mom and asked her if she’d seen my locket and she told me I drove them to do what they did because I was selfish and inconsiderate and broke their hearts for the last three years by showing which locket I favored and which family I favored as well. She hung up on me.

I tried to calm down went over to their house (mom and Jeff’s) and I told them they had no right to touch my locket. Jeff told me they had every right to show a more accurate representation of my family and that I was hurting Nathan and the girls by wearing something that didn’t include them when I had something that did. I lost it. I told them they did not have that right and they do not get to tell me who I carry around in my locket or not. I told him he would never be deserving of a spot, told mom she had lost her spot and then I left saying they needed to stay the hell away from me.

My brother couldn’t believe they did it. Sided with me. Told mom to accept we didn’t feel the way she wanted us to feel. Mom and Jeff said I was an asshole. Mom said since dad bought it while they were married she also bought it and had every right to interfere with it.

Am I Wrong ? What Should I Do ?

ETA: Just wanted to add that my original locket is set up where you can add little sections to it to add more photos. I just never chose to do that because I wanted it for the people I always considered my core family (or the people I was closest to). Part of me wants to remove mom now since this happened.

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