Daughter won’t speak to mom after being told she needs to go live with dad.

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I have 2 kids (F10,M7) and I’m pregnant with the 3rd. My daughter is from a previous relationship and I have full custody of her and her dad has visitations. My husband and I weren’t planning for another child but it happened.

We live in a 2 bedroom home and my husband and I both work full time but we don’t make much money. There is absolutely no way we can have 3 kids so my husband and I decided that it would be best if my daughter lived with her dad.

It’s also better for her since she is going to be a teenager soon and she won’t want to share a bedroom with a boy and a toddler.

I explained to her that I love her but this is the best solution for her. She was supposed to go after the baby was born but she called her dad a few days ago and left. I’ve been calling her dad but he says she refuses to talk to me. My parents think I’m an a**hole. I feel terrible but I think I did what was best for her. Am I wrong? 

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