JUST ‘PLANE’ BAD: Airline passenger drapes her long, thick hair over the back of her seat

On September 29, a woman was spotted laying her long hair over the back of her seat on an Aegean Airlines aircraft from Athens to Amsterdam.

The passenger behind her occurred to be culinary blogger and traveler Julie Christensen, who documented the scene on tape and questioned the customer’s travel ethics.

Christensen said that the lady in front of her left her hair on the seat for the majority of the ride.

The long brown hair touched Christensen’s tray table and toyed with the top of her coffee cup at one moment.

Christensen said she was too weary to approach the woman because their trip had already been delayed, yet she thought the woman’s conduct was weird.

She had lovely, freshly cleaned hair, and  would never, ever fling her freshly washed hair about in an airplane, Christensen explained. She believes it’s quite strange.

Christensen claimed that because she was seated on an emergency aisle with more legroom, it didn’t disturb her.

Nonetheless, the Norwegian social media celebrity chose to videotape the occasion, which she subsequently broadcast on TikTok.

The video became viral, with at least 3.2 million views at the time of writing.

TikTok users chastised the unidentified woman for her bad manners.

@julie.b.christensen The joy of traveling. #omgjustdont #pleasedont #lol #traveletiquette ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

They also dared Christensen to exact vengeance by dipping strands of the woman’s hair into her coffee cup, which the blogger stated she would “never do.”

People become upset because it’s a really impolite thing to do, she explained. Perhaps other people might have responded differently, or even forcefully, to this, but she is accustomed to it.

She simply thought it was sweet and hilarious.

Christensen emphasized the need of always “being polite” to people, particularly in instances like these.

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