David Cassidy Had Cut His Daughter, Katie, Out Of His Will And Had Specified Not Providing For Her

Katie Cassidy, daughter of actor and vocalist David Cassidy, had to bear the agony of being side-lined and disallowed by her father.

David, who raised to popularity from his 1970s melodic TV series The Patridge Family turn into father to Katie when he was in an association with model Sherry Williams. Though, the pair part ways and David welcomed his son, Beau, in 1991 with his third spouse. Despite of being a dad of two, David considered Beau to be his lone child.

Katie grew up with her mom and her stepfather Richard Benedon. However she did not spend any good amount of time with her birth father as a kid but she had a warm and caring association with David initially. 

Following her dad’s footprints, Katie also got certain guidance from him on how to steer through the industry. David actually told her to not to work for money and neither work for fame. He told her to just work for the work and if she gets a great role in return of nothing, she should take it. Moreover, David said that he associated with Katie since he didn’t raise her and added that it allowed him to give her an impartial point of view on life.

However it appeared that they get together nicely but in 2015, their association hit a difficult period after David developed dementia. Talking of his bond with his kids, he revealed that his connection with Beau was good in spite of his own tussle with heavy drinking. David said that Beau is just one of the finest people to come across and that he is proud of him. Referring to his son, David said that he just turned 26 and such a lovely being.

On the other hand, when David was queried about his relationship with Katie, he said that it never existed. He further added that he was her biological dad but he didn’t raise her. He said that Katie has a totally different life and she is very brilliant.

However David said that he was full of pride of her but it was discovered that he did not left whatsoever for her out of his $150,000 possessions after his passing away. This implicit that the relationship between them was not good enough. David’s will specified that it is his precise intent not to offer any benefits to Katherine Evelyn Cassidy and/or any successor of Katherine Evelyn Cassidy.

Though the particulars about the causes behind the split are still unidentified, it was guessed that the dearth of attachment among them during Katie’s childhood was one of the aspects. Nevertheless, the demise of David gotten Katie and the rest of the family composed.

Katie said that even though the loss of her dad was tough but it actually got her uncles and her brother back together and she think that’s the bright side.

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