World’s longest surviving conjoined twins, Ronnie and Donnie died by each other’s side at 68 | ‘We’ve had a nice life’

The world’s longest living conjoined twins, Ronnie and Donnie Galyon breathe their last on July 4, in their home base, Dayton, Ohio. They were born on October 28, 1951 and their parents, Eileen and Wesly Galyon not once believed that their children would one day be world-famous. The twins lived together for 68 years and held together till the day they passed on.

Though the medics struggled to learn perfect methods to detached the twins, they couldn’t benefit but be baffled by the twins. The horror of losing both their babies made the parents choose against the surgical procedure.

Ronnie and Donnie were born with a curious medical phenomenon with separate set of arms and legs, distinct hearts and stomach but had one single digestive system.

As soon as they turned three years old, they become part of a festival tour and also the only main source of income of the family. The Galyon brothers toured around the United States, Canada and South America with their manager and director, Ward Hall, in his ill-famed sideshow World of Wonders.

Hall’s life story exposed that the twins were raised up by their dad and stepmother, Mary, since their biological mom declined to be related with them.

Ronnie and Donnie discharged from their painstaking days in the circus in 1991and came back to Dayton, Ohio in pursuit of amity. The much-loved twins were surprized when the community fellows raised money to build an addition in their existing house in Beavercreek that facilitated them to relish a handicap-friendly personal space.  

Their life wasn’t stress-free as their parents assumed they’d be a disruption and not ever sent them to school. There was no dearth of bystanders also. Although a number of them were inquisitive and loved the twins while others were unkind and impolite.

When a newspaper agency got in touch in with Guinness World Records, the representative gave them the hopefulness the twins had constantly desired for. The representative told them that they would be conferred the title once they exceeded a twosome of Chinese twins, Chang and Eng Bunker. The Chinese twins survived up to the age of 62 and the Galyon twins were then formally the oldest living adjoined twins in the world.

During a conversation in July 2014, Ronnie said that it is what he and Donnie’s continuously dreamed about and they supposed to get the title since they have visualized about receiving this since they were kids.

The twin brothers saw their unusual life from a diverse outlook, opposing to common belief. They were the hero’s amongst the misfits. Ronnie on one occasion spoken in a conversation that they had established their specific community and contacts that they treasured.

The Galyon brothers had no remorse in life and somewhat loved the diverse chapters of their lives. In a separate interview, Ronnie revealed that they had fun when they were growing up. Donnie resonated his brother and said that they had a good life.

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