Day Care Employees Lock Boy in Dark Closet, Do Not Expect His Mom to Come Earlier than Usual

Sydney Zimmerman from Phenix City, Alabama was a joyful mom to a little boy, Slade. She dropped off her son daily at a home day-care facility in her home base and picked him up after a few hours.

Sometime in the year 2017, Zimmerman remembered leaving early to pick up Slade from the day-care facility. Though, she said that she could have not once predicted what waited for her and had she not reached afore the normal pick-up time, she would have certainly not found out anything.

To her shock, Zimmerman saw that her little boy was confined in a closet deprived of any air conditioning and strapped to a car seat that wasn’t his.  

The furious mom described that her son was in such an awful situation that he could have simply asphyxiated inside the closet with no air circulation. Zimmerman was stunned and frantic at the day-care staffs for mishandling her little son.

The frantic mom instantly salvaged her son and called the cops. However before the cops reached, the day-care employee tried to defend her harsh act.

Furthermore, Zimmerman admitted that she realised it wasn’t the only time her son had been left in such a dejected situation. She spoken that when she dropped off her son, he’d been crying and getting distressed the moment she left him. She didn’t get to know anything before since Slade was too little to say what he was going through.

Zimmerman said she wasn’t pleased with the consequence and intended to take the incident further.

Post to her grievance, cops propelled an examination and revealed that the day-care facility functioning without an authorization. Zimmerman said she intended to press charges for child risk, negligence and operating a business devoid of an authorization.

Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones stated that the comments were concerning and lined up with risking a kid’s safety. He further said that surely putting up a 22-month-old kid in car seat in a dim closet that is deprived of air circulation is of grave concern.

Three day-care employees suspect of shutting the little boy in a closet appeared in court of law and two of them were not guilty.

One of them was found guilty, accused with one count of child endangerment, and penalized $100. Though, Zimmerman spoken she wasn’t pleased with the consequence and intended to take the case further.

Do share your views on this story? Do you think it was suitable the way the liable employees were penalized as they endangered a baby’s life? What actin you would have taken if you were Sydney Zimmerman?

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