Liam Neeson still speaks to late wife Natasha “as if she’s here” every single day at her grave

Liam Neeson remains deeply in love with his late wife. Previously, he was married to Natasha Richardson from 1994 until her sad death in a skiing accident in 2009. She was 45 years old at the time, and she leaves behind sons Micheál, 26, and Daniel, 25. Following her death, their 70-year-old dad has not remarried.

Neeson and the British actress met on Broadway in 1993, when they played opposite one another in Anna Christie. She was 29 at the time and wedded to producer Robert Fox, but when she met Neeson, she realized he was the one. She was a glowing beauty. Yes, hair that cascades, he recalls. There was—that was really appealing. He never had such an explosive connection with an actor or actress before, On 60 Minutes, Neeson said Anderson Cooper. Every night, they had this fantastic type of dancing—free dance on stage. They resembled [Fred] Astaire and [Ginger] Rogers.

Richardson was on a ski trip in Quebec, Canada, with her oldest son, Micheal, in March 2009. The effervescent actress was skiing down a beginner’s slope on Mont Tremblant when she collided with a tree and banged her head. Sadly, Richardson, the famous British actress Vanessa Redgrave’s daughter, was not wearing a helmet at the time. She apparently refused medical assistance since she felt OK straight after the fall and didn’t know how devastating the blow was.

When she contacted, Neeson was in Toronto filming a movie. When I approached her, she responded, “Oh, sweetie. I slipped and fell in the snow.” That’s exactly how she put it,” he revealed. Her kids were just 13 and 12 years old when she died. According to Neeson, “She was concerned about everyone. She possesses a maternal instinct. And she’d cook dinner for all and take care of us all.

Neeson’s affection for her lives on, as he stated that he visits her grave every day near his home in upstate New York. He talks to her every day at her cemetery, which is approximately a mile and a half down the road. He goes down there frequently, so he addresses her as if she were present. Not that she responds. 

What a lovely display of love from the Taken actor. Do share this beautiful story of loving without any condition.

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