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Deaf Mom Orders Food For Kids At Drive-Thru When Worker Hands Her A Note Refusing Service.

Rachel Hollis stopped through an Oklahoma Burger King drive-thru after picking up her two boys from hockey practice. Rachel, who is deaf, did what she always does in preparation for a meal order: she wrote down her order on her phone, which makes communicating with strangers much simpler. That typically works perfectly well.

Regrettably, things did not go as well as planned on this particular day. Rachel checked her phone for her boys’ order and saw the drive-thru employee’s attitude immediately change to one of displeasure.

Seeing the possibility of a dispute, Rachel activated her phone’s recorder just in time to catch the staffer giving her a letter.

Rachel said she attempted to stay calm in order to protect her kids in the back seat. She didn’t break down in tears until she came home, fatigued and distraught from the upsetting encounter. She claims she has experienced prejudice, but never to the extent where someone called the cops on her.

Burger King has subsequently issued a statement: In their restaurants, all visitors should be treated with dignity and given excellent service. The restaurant owner apologised to the visitor and her family; the employee was fired, and all personnel at the establishment will get extra sensitivity training to guarantee their clients are always welcomed.

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