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Woman who married rag doll claims she’s ‘pregnant’ with their 2nd child.

A lady who married a rag doll called Marcelo claims to be ‘pregnant’ with their second kid.

Meirivone Rocha Moraes, 37, has gone viral many times in recent years while revealing bits of her love affair with the inanimate item.

Well, there’s a lot to take in here.

Meirivone posted on TikTok to announce that she and Marcelo were expecting another child, revealing her positive pregnancy test to her fans.

Meirivone bounces up and down in the video and claims she and Marcelo, who already have a son—also a rag doll—are ‘overjoyed’ at the news.

She is overjoyed because she is pregnant with Marcelo again. Meirivone, who is from Brazil, added.

They desperately wanted to become pregnant again, and Marcelo kept asking when they’d have another kid, and she told him one day.

She felt ill a few times, so she took a test, but it came out negative.

@meirivoneemarcelo Estou grávida @Marcelo Miguel @meirivone e marcelo♡ ♬ som original – Meirivone Rocha

But, she just began to feel nauseated again, so she purchased a test from a nearby drugstore, and it was positive!

They are overjoyed. They would adore having a little princess.

They already have a male, but if the baby is a boy, they will adore him just as much.

Meirivione seems to have more influence over the gender of their future child than most women, but I digress.

Merivione also expressed her hope that having a second child would bring her and Marcelo closer together after a difficult period in their relationship.

They’ve been quite estranged since discovering he cheated on her, she said.

They’re still in the same home, but it’s not the same. Things are different now because of the baby.

Marcelo has been more loving with her, which she hopes will help their relationship. This new baby will keep their marriage together.

Of course, relying on a baby to keep a marriage alive is never a good idea, but that’s not really anyone’s major worry here.

Merivione’s pregnancy announcement on TikTok received thousands of likes and comments, with many fans congratulating her on the news.

Naturally, some people find the news confusing.

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