Despite being unable to swim, an 8-year-old girl rescues an older kid from drowning in a river.

The first person to hear a 12-year-old kid wailing as he fought to remain afloat in a Scottish river was Tierney Batt. Despite not being able to swim, the 8-year-old jumped into the water to help the elder child who was in trouble.

While the UK suffered record high temperatures, the kids were enjoying the cold water of Perth’s Moncreiffe Island on the River Tay.

In the water, Cayden Peterson had run into trouble and screamed. When no one else hurried to save him after Tierney heard his screams, she threw herself into the water without thinking twice.

While they waited for assistance, she was able to keep his head above water.

Cayden’s mother Kerry described Tierney as “very courageous, serene, and just remarkable” for what she accomplished.

She said, for a little child, she accomplished something other adults may not have considered.

She can’t even begin to describe how appreciative she is; if Tierney hadn’t assisted him, things would have turned out very differently.

The mother continued that Tierney placed herself in risk too, so she is just really glad they’re both alright.

Greig, Tierney’s father, expressed admiration for his daughter’s bravery while also expressing his own dread.

He responded, “Proud isn’t the word.”

The entire family was really gracious and appreciative, and Kerry even sent a Facebook message to express their gratitude.

Kerry cautioned people to use caution while near water, even if they are strong swimmers.

She remarked that the water can appear quiet, and one might believe that it isn’t very deep, but her child had his feet on the river’s bottom. He was unable to touch the bottom as it suddenly dipped, and there was an undercurrent.

For what she did that day, this young woman deserves a medal since she intervened to save the life of this youngster. Bravo, Tierney!

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