Veteran visits “Antiques Roadshow” to get his Rolex evaluated, but collapses when he learns how much it is worth.

After stopping in Bonanzaville in Fargo, North Dakota, the long-running program Antiques Roadshow featured a US Air Force veteran.

The man had purchased his Rolex watch through the Air Force base exchange in November 1974, and he was there to have it valued. He paid $345.97 for the watch, which was practically his whole income at the time, but he never donned it.

The watch was preserved in perfect condition and kept stored inside a safe deposit box for almost four decades.

The veteran had not only brought with him the original warranty papers, brochure, receipts, and packaging, but also the fact that this specific Rolex was an exceedingly uncommon manufacturer and model.

The Rolex immediately captured the attention of the appraiser, Peter Planes. It’s an absolutely fantastic find, he said. He doesn’t think there’s a better one in the world in this condition, the seller said of one of the most uncommon Paul Newman models.

But wait till you see the veteran’s response when he eventually finds out what the Rolex is currently worth…

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Antiques Roadshow | Top Find: Rolex Oyster Cosmograph & Documentation, ca. 1971 | PBS

"I don't think there's a better one in the world…" Watch Antiques Roadshow l PBS' top find of the season now! #AntiquesRoadshow

Posted by PBS on Thursday, 30 January 2020

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