Despite Denials, Source Says Sean Hannity And Ainsley Earhardt Have Been Together For Years

In 2020, it was revealed that Fox host Sean Hannity and his ex-wife, Jill Rhodes, had divorced a year earlier after separating over many years. Then further information became available: Sean is also said to be in a long-term relationship with one of his co hosts, Ainsley Earhardt.

Many of Sean’s viewers, it’s reasonable to suppose, believe passionately in the value and “preciousness” of marriage, thus the news is obviously upsetting for many. Of course, Ainsley and Sean have both made denials.

Ainsley stated, via a Fox representative, she is currently concentrating on raising her kid and is not seeing anybody. Sean is a fantastic person, as everyone at Fox News would tell that anyone he decides to date will be tremendously lucky. After four years of marriage, Ainsley and her ex-husband, Kevin McKinney, split in 2009.

Sean Hannity, instead of issuing a denial, merely issued a statement that neither affirms nor rejects anything. He doesn’t talk about his personal life in public.

Nevertheless, an insider informed that the co hosts are essentially an open secret at work. They’ve “been seeing each other very secretly for years,” according to the insider, who also added, “He’s extremely private, since he’s very renowned and very controversial, but it’s been an open secret that they’ve been seeing each other.”

Ainsley is even said to be renting a property near Sean’s and taping episodes for Fox at his home studio. According to the source, they had been dating for years, which implies they were dating when Sean was still officially married. “They’re always together, but in secret.”

Sean Hannity’s audience is politically conservative, and they frequently have strong feelings about what it implies to be married and marriage in general. According to the Institute for Family Studies, 62 percent of self-identified conservatives in the United States are married, compared to 39 percent of self-identified liberals and 46 percent of moderates.

Ainsley and her ex-husband, Kevin, met in college while both were students at the University of South Carolina. When she started working for Fox in 2007, there were suspicions that one or both of them had been disloyal. The rumours were never affirmed or rejected.

Ainsley wedded for the second time a few years following their divorce. She married Will Proctor in 2012, but they divorced in October 2018. In 2019, their divorce was completed. They have a daughter, Hayden, on whom Ainsley appears to be entirely devoted.

In an interview, Ainsley stated that she was going out yet wasn’t really interested in dating. She added that she dated a few times and met some beautiful individuals but she thinks right now she just wants to take a step back and just be with Hayden right now.

Obviously, the latest rumours cast a new light on the situation.

Ainsley has also stated that if things work out, she would be open to having additional kids. She has never mentioned it openly, but she has frozen her eggs in case she chooses to have additional kids. She had Hayden so late in her life, and she is in her 40s, so she is very open to it. It would be fantastic if she could meet somebody with a large family.

Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes have two kids, a boy named Sean who is 21 and a daughter named Merri who is 18. If Sean and Ainsley do get together, it’s probable that they’ll have to begin again when it comes to having kids.

Sean and Jill confirmed their divorce last week in a joint statement that underlined the importance of their kids.

‘Sean and Jill are determined to work together for their children’s best interests. Sean and Jill reached mutually beneficial agreements almost four years ago. As parents, they have a tight bond with their kids. Neither will make any additional statements and request that their privacy be maintained for the protection of their kids.’

If Sean and Ainsley have been dating for “years,” as the source claims, it’s a move that goes against the conservative beliefs on marriage that Sean Hannity frequently professes on his show. As a man who has openly advocated for others’ marriage rights, it’s intriguing that he may have done a poor job of being devoted to his own marriage in the first place.

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