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Distressed passenger films his 29-hr flight where baby is screaming throughout

Being caught on a lengthy journey with a screaming child is certainly everyone’s worst fear, and for one poor guy, that fear became a reality after he was stuck on a 29-hour flight to Berlin with a crying youngster the entire time.

The man’s nightmare went viral on TikTok when he released a video from the ride in which a child wailed the entire time.

TikTok user and singer Balu Brigada documented his encounter in a video that has received over 10.3 million views.

“Hey babe, how was your flight?” they captioned the agonizing video. “Rate my 29-hour flight to Berlin,” the caption overlaid on the video said.


Hey babe, how was your flight?

♬ original sound – Balu Brigada

He videotaped himself sitting on the plane as a youngster could be heard yelling at the top of their lungs in the background.

As the toddler kept shrieking, he laughed, writing “strong start” and added “the kid’s got some lungs.” His left eye twitches throughout the movie as the crying continued.

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