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Mom responds after being chastised for leaving her kid for 48 hours to attend a girl’s vacation.

Ashy Bines has defended herself after being chastised for going on a weekend girls vacation with her pals while leaving her young daughter at home.

The fitness celebrity, 33, left Tala, four months old, and Taj, six, with husband Steven Evans when she traveled interstate with friends.

Ashy justified her choice in an Instagram post on Saturday, saying it was tough to make.

Moments before she balled her eyes out at the airport leaving her daughter for nearly 48 hours, she wrote a sequence of images of Tala.

She has got this. It seems like one arm is missing, but dad is sending her movies and nailing the solo parent life! She considers herself really fortunate to have a family.

She understands criticism has been hurled at her for abandoning her for 48 hours, but listens to her out. She adores her child, but she also adores her friends. She adores her child, but she also likes travel and diversity. She adores her child, but she also enjoys doing things for herself.

She LOVES her baby and totally trusts and loves Steve bonding with the kids so she can enjoy herself understanding they are happy and secure.

She went on to say that One DM’s direct message this morning read-How COULD she leave her infant with Steve for so long, it’s really awful.

She believes it’s awful for other women to think it’s bad and give such a statement, and why would she have kids with someone she doesn’t trust?’ Is it wrong for her to leave her children with their father? If a father is gone for 48 hours, he is never even questioned?

Mummas, let’s be kind to one another and not reflect or transmit hate to another mom who’s doing her thing, Ashy concluded. It may not make sense for you, and that’s cool; we all do what makes sense for us.

This comment did not distress her in the least, but it did motivate her to write this description in order to start a dialogue or raise consciousness for mummas, and encourage other moms that it is normal to have a life and appreciate other areas of one’s life, not only mum life, OR simply need a break.

After sharing a collection of pictures and videos on Instagram Stories depicting her partying with her pals throughout the trip, Ashy received the insulting remarks.

Fans were ecstatic earlier this year when Ashy ultimately disclosed the name and gender of her baby girl a few days after delivery, after keeping both secrets during her pregnancy.

The baby, the couple’s eldest son Taj’s little sister, was born on June 19th at 1pm, weighing 4.11kg and measuring 53cm.

Ashy, who married Steve in 2014, is well-known for her social media health and fitness suggestions.

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