Divorced As Payback After He Made Sexual Remarks About Her Chest During His Visit.

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When I was in HS I worked at a dry cleaner. I was the one who talked to the customers when they dropped off or picked up their clothes. Between customers I would pull the clothes out of the bag, tag them, inspect for stains, attach any notes and check the pockets.

One of the regular customers was a nice looking business man who wore really nice suits and shirts but was an absolute creep, his wife definitely enjoyed living the high life but was a nice woman. He always dropped off the clothes and she usually picked them up unless she was out of town. I was 16-17 and they were in their early 30’s, he would make suggestive comments or flat out say i had a nice rack and he would like to bury his face in it (it was the early 90’s and i was young, it was embarrassing and even if i complained no one would have cared, thank god times have changed)

Of course he got progressively worse and one day as he left he turned to me and said “i left something in my pocket, go ahead and toss it but if you like we can use one” I had no idea what he was referring too until i reached in his pocket and pulled out a used condom. I began to notice anytime his wife was out of town (and occasionally when she wasn’t) there would be used condoms in his suit pockets, coke folds, rolled up bills and the occasional lipstick stain on his shirts (he would always point those out and say if we can’t get it out to toss the shirt, which we did). Clearly he is not only a creep who hits on teens but he’s F***ing around on his wife, a lot.

One day i just had enough, i knew his wife was out of town because he only brought in his clothes and I KNEW what to expect in the pockets, i made small talk as i wrote up his ticket and learned his wife would be the one picking up the order so make sure to toss shirts if the stains don’t come out.

Sure enough 4 used condoms out of the 5 suits, 2 had coke folds and rolled up bills and 2 shirts with lipstick stains. I put the condoms in a bag and the coke and bills in another. I “forgot” to put the note on the shirts to toss if the stains don’t come out. After the cleaning I assembled the order and put big ole sticks on arrows pointing to the stains and notes that said we couldn’t get the lipstick out. Attached the bags of found items and waited.

When the wife came in I pulled the order and “noticed” the arrows. I apologized to the wife and said I wouldn’t charge her for them since we knew we were supposed to toss any shirts with lipstick stains that don’t come out. She was livid and started to say it was our fault, I was thinking of the wrong customer and how dare I imply her husband was cheating.

If I was a guy I would say my balls dropped at that moment because I calmly said he left something in his pockets too, just like he always does when you’re out of town and sometimes when you’re not. She didn’t say a word, just grabbed everything and left. Didn’t even pay the bill lol

I had to explain to my boss why she didn’t pay and he was pissed at me because we “keep our customers secrets and just because he said gross things to me it wasn’t like he was going to do anything”. He had the nerve to say the $93.00 cleaning bill would be deducted from my check.

The following week the other counter person was going on vacation so I was the only one and scheduled to work open to close so I just didn’t show up or call and ignored the phone. They mailed my final check with a snarky note about how unprofessional I was and that they didn’t deduct the $93 because they would NEVER give me a good reference so I would never find another job and would need it. When the other girl came back from her vacation she told me they had to close the front from 10-3 every day since since the wife couldn’t handle working open to close and orders were all F up. She quit a few months later and they were still blaming me for losing a good customer because the creep and his wife never came back, they actually had her and the new counter person they hired to replace sign a “contract” stating they would toss any “trash”, follow customers instructions and not tell their secrets.

As for the creep and his wife, I don’t know what the fall out was but I do remember their names so I looked them up on FB and they must have gotten divorced shortly after that because she just celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary to someone else. She clearly is living a good life and appears to be well off. He doesn’t post much, but the few pics he has posted show he isn’t living the high life anymore

I like to hope my act of petty revenge played a roll in their in their divorce and she took him for everything she could

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