Everyone Asks To Leave Her Dad Immediately And Tell Mom About His Behavior.

A father daughter relationship is a beautiful bond. While most children have a particular relationship with their parents, a father and his daughter have an especially close affinity. However in this story a daughter who adored her dad but has been uncomfortable after he questioned her about foreplay. Read the story and let us know what she should do.

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I feel sick as I’m typing this. 

My dad (m37) and I (f15) were never the closest but we had a relationship. To clarify, I have no idea if what I’m about to say is me just overthinking and taking what he said the wrong way or not.

My dad and mom aren’t together, haven’t been for like 12-13 years. My dad for the most part has been alone, without a companion for most of those years. Lately he has expressed his want for a girlfriend. He also made some comments recently, he asked if I had daddy issues, he made a suggestive comment about my breasts. Now I love my dad and I would never think he would mean it in this way but earlier he asked, “do you trust me?” I said of course and he asked, “do you want me to teach you about foreplay later?” I got immediately uncomfortable and said no and that I wasn’t interested or I would ask my mom.

He shrugged it off but it’s been bothering me and I have a constant pain in my chest and anxiety from the encounter and I need another person’s point of view.

Also my dad before this has never made such a suggestive comment or anything towards me. So am I overthinking things or is what he said suggestive?

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