Teenager Wants to Know if She Was Rude for Making Fun of a Classmate

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So, this girl, Nicole(16), started going to my (16f) school after winter break. She’s a little weird to be honest. She doesn’t talk a lot and when she does talk, she’s so quiet that you can barely hear her.

She used to eat in her car but one of my friends felt bad for her and invited her to eat with us. I noticed that all of her lunches had a little piece of paper and she’d read it, smile for like 2 seconds, then fold it up and put it in a pocket in her lunchbox. Sometimes she’d take it out and read it a couple times during lunch.

I eventually asked what it was and she said she has a nanny and she writes her notes every day. I asked if she thinks that’s a little embarrassing because I don’t know anyone who’s had notes in their lunches past 5th grade.

She got kinda defensive and said that her nanny does similar things for her siblings, who are all in preschool or elementary school so it kinda proved my point.

She started eating in her car again and one of my friends got mad at me because apparently she had a really bad home life before moving here and she’s never had anyone do that stuff for her. Idk how the F she expected me to know, considering she usually only talks about school but it’s starting some drama in my friend group so I wanted to know if I was the a**h**e.

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