Doctor drops newborn preemie on the floor, tells mom “It’s OK, you’re young, you’ll have more”

When Kristal Amezquita delivered her baby, the doctor who handled her dropped him and told her that she is young enough to have more babies.

Kristal’s pregnancy was problematic one and she was admitted to the hospice just about 5 months pregnant. Nurses hurriedly called a medic when the pains in her stomach had turn out to be intolerable for her.

The medic told her the membranes of the water bag were swollen and she was by now leaking water and the water she required to endure Ian was coming out.

Medic said her uterine cervix had opened up and the placenta had come into connection with the vaginal canal triggering a contagion. She was given two options by the medic. One was to speed up her pregnancy and the other one was to let her body take its course.

She told the medic that she sought to pick the second choice. She was still going through shrinkages and they were pretty closer in time, so the nurse enquired if she required an epidural anaesthesia. After receiving the epidural, comes the catheter.

She had the tube put in and about less than 30 minutes later, she was painful and her heart was shattered. She called for the nurse and sought the catheter out as she could sense it. But the nurse said she had the epidural anaesthesia and shouldn’t be sense whatever. While the nurse was examining, her water broke.

Kristal was quickly shifted to another bed, where she started the course of delivering her baby. In the next instant, she was left with a reminiscence that will haunt her endlessly.

She was in shock as the doctor who delivered Ian, dropped him when he came out. The doctor kept saying to her that it is okay and that she is young and can have more babies. She just couldn’t accept as true what had transpired with her.

Kristal’s mother said that she sensed like Ian was going to be thrown away with all the waste. Because Ian was so small, he slipped out and they failed to hold him.

She said that Ian will never be forgotten and he is constantly in her feelings and prayers.

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