Woman Slammed For Not Letting Daughter To Go For A Vacation With Her Father.

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I (35F) have a daughter Tiara (4) with my ex Dre (26M). We broke up when she was 1 and he’s been with his gf Nyla (25F) since Tiara was 2. Our breakup was fine until Nyla came into the picture, then Dre started going against me and trying to argue about every little thing.

He wants Nyla to pick Tiara up from school instead of me during his custody time, he no longer wants to do joint birthday parties, no longer helps me financially other than what’s required or expenses that are as he says “directly going to Tiara”, I also can only call to speak to her during specific times of the day which is bizarre because we never operated like that. Now he won’t even speak to me on the phone, everything is through an app (he requested this in court).

When Tiara is in their care she never wants to speak to me and is always sad to come to my home. They are alienating her from me and it’s not fair. She’s always so happy to speak to them or go to their house. Most recently she had a breakdown on a video call begging not to talk to me. After that I lost it. He planned a vacation which runs over into some of my custody days. I told him to reschedule, he asked me why I was doing this but I refused to continue to allow him to manipulate me and turn my child against me.

He said it’s non refundable and I already agreed so it’s not fair but I said my daughter not wanting to be around me isn’t fair. He told me from now on to not ask him to be flexible with my schedule anymore and to only contact him for emergencies or to speak to my daughter. My mom said I’m being dramatic and causing more drama but my friends think I’m right. So Am I Wrong if I don’t let her go the day he scheduled for them to go? He says he’s going to have to go for a few days, come back for her, then go back so it’s not like she’ll miss out completely. 

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