Doctors And Nurses Were Non-Stop Discussing About The Baby. Why?

Cary Patonai was just 38 weeks pregnant when her water broke on October 4. She delivered a baby at Banner Thunderbird Medical center in Glendale, Arizona. 14lbs., 1oz. was the baby’s weight – the biggest that the doctor has ever delivered in his 27 years of medical practice.

Cary & her husband Tim welcomed Finnley – their huge but charming newborn baby. It was not something totally unexpected. At her last ultrasound scan, the nurses had told her that the baby appeared to weigh 13lbs. – but they strongly felt that probably he didn’t weigh that much. Perhaps the ultrasounds could be off.

The doctors undoubtedly expected a really big baby, maybe 13.8lbs. or so. Hence Cary was scheduled for the delivery, via C-section on October 5. On the day before, things changed & the C-section got rescheduled. Her water broke during a doctor’s appointment. Hence the doctors decided to bump up the surgery a day before, that was on October 4 and Finnley clocked in at a massive 14lbs. 1oz.

A newborn sometimes weighs around 7.5 lbs., although the weight between 5.5 lbs. and 10 lbs. is considered to be absolutely normal, but 14lbs.1oz was something incredible!

Cary and Tim had already been blessed with two cute boys — ten-year-old Devlen and two-year-old Everett — via C-section of course, and no doubt they’d each been on the larger side, weighing 8.2lbs. and 11.1lbs.

‘But if they are to be compared with their youngest brother Finnley, they were definitely small,’ Cary with a sparkle in her eyes thought for a while & said to herself ‘ Finnley took the lead.’

Cary further thought with total astonishment, he was a real big plus. She had almost double the amniotic fluid. So she has to say that she had a big baby belly and she also has to say that she was totally uncomfortable & what she said is just not enough.

Reminiscing about the events that happened, she remembered how her water broke on the scale, as she was getting weighed & how they had to reschedule her C-Section to a day earlier, But she thought to herself she wouldn’t mind doing it all over again if she had to.

She smiled when she found Finnley being treated as a child luminary at the hospital. ‘Nurses and doctors were non-stop talking about him,’ the superstar mother-of-three thought to herself. She felt proud of him when she noted that he is tall as well at 23.75 inches. She couldn’t just forget the reaction of the doctors & nurses when they pulled him out, They were awestruck & exclaimed “Oh, my gosh! that’s huge!”.

She felt like laughing when everybody was freaking out, and were commenting , “I’ve never seen a baby that big, I can’t believe it.” ‘So perfect and round in every way, he’s definitely my squishy little honey bear,’ Cary fondly exclaimed, looking at her baby.

She was amazed to find the manner in which Finnley made his family buzz with life. Not only that, he had also brought a stir in Banner Thunderbird Medical Center. This center had stocked diapers in premiere to newborn and size one — but Finnley is already of size two, so they had to place special orders for his size.

The Patonais’ family had to run around for diapers & baby clothes as well, that would fit babies of six to nine months old. ‘Everything we had was too small! What to do?’ This thought brought a slight smile to her face.

It so happened, Finnley had to be in the NICU for eight days. In the NICU he was one of the four babies, and his weight was their three totaled altogether & Cary along with others was laughing when they were discussing this strange but true occurrence.

She cuddled Finnley fondly & said looking at him with a satisfactory smile, ‘You are such a charming sweet baby. I am so grateful that everything ended on such a positive note.’

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