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Kind Woman Spent 4 Days Outside In Cold Trying To Gain The Abandoned Bunny’s Trust.

You are up in arms to SERVE HUMANITY…….Then SAVE ANIMALS as well!

When you look into the eyes of an animal you’ve rescued, TRUST ME, you can’t help but fall in love!…….A Little Love is All They Need!……TRUST ME, you can’t afford to ignore those cute sad eyes!

This heart-warming video shows a young lady who spent four days outside, desperately trying to gain the trust of an abandoned rabbit so that she could save him.

25-year-old Alicia Castro from Montano spent all day, every day, trying to catch the pet rabbit that had been dumped mercilessly outside her apartment.

Alicia endured freezing temperatures patiently with an added determination. She talked to the rabbit lovingly while leaving food, before finally coaxing him to jump into a crate.

Alicia was aware that Tonnes of people knew that the rabbit was there! A few said they tried to catch it but nobody really cared enough & did something substantial to rescue him. That is the saddest part of the story.

With the cold weather fast approaching, she knew that time was important and whatever action was required should be executed immediately without any loss of time. She thought the guilt feeling would gnaw at her if she didn’t act fast & rescue the rabbit.

Alicia just once looked into his eyes & she knew that she had to save him, no matter whatever happens.

No doubt it was stressful. No doubt it was tiresome. Everything including Nature was set to throw thorns on the noble path she was treading! She was sick and the weather was really bad. It was barely above freezing. But Alicia was determined in her mission……mission of saving the abandoned rabbit!

Alicia tried everything to save him. Everyday she would sit outside in the cold with him, talking to him kindly trying her best to gain his trust, feeding him, and trying to convince him to climb into her crate.

Filming [and sharing] the process was pretty normal for her, however it was great to have so much helpful advice. In the beginning she just had a towel to grab him with but by day four, she had proper food, a crate, and the required knowledge that made rescuing him possible.

Day three was definitely the hardest which made her lose hope. She was upset. She had lost all hopes of catching him. She was worried that she would never succeed in catching him. She felt bad that she would not only let down this poor, helpless rabbit, but also the millions of people who were watching her excitedly for her next move.

Oh, Yeah! Alicia’s patience paid off and the rabbit, now named Bunny, is fine & is living the life of cosy luxury.

Alicia called every Humane Society in the area. But how sad! They were full, so she planned to foster him until they could find him a good home. But as she spent more time with the rabbit, her love for him grew exponentially.

Alicia & her partner have a cat, Kiki, whom they had adopted four years ago, so they knew they could only keep him if they could co-exist. They spend every day acquainting them and getting them used to each other. Alicia is completely satisfied with the progress they’ve made.

Alicia’s has suggested something for the people who might find an abandoned pet animal in need of help. Alicia says, “Even if it’s hard, even if it takes time, don’t give up. There are so many animals that need help and don’t have anybody to stand up for them, so be that person.”

Please share, inspire & change lives by SPEAKING FOR THE VOICELESS!!!!!!!! by BECOMING THEIR VOICES!!!!!!!!! by spreading the noble thought RESCUE, LOVE CARE & REPEAT!!!!!!! 

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