She Ruined Her Father-In-Law’s Business And Is Proud To Do So.

Source: Reddit

My sister in law came out as a trans woman when she was 18. My wonderful in-laws kicked her out of the house then and there. They told her to leave the house and threw her out at 8 PM with no money or even any documents and her father took the car keys from her too. She had to walk 8 miles to get to our place. She was crying and we took her in.

This is horrible behavior but my husband and I would have just cut them off if it was all they did but they doubled down. They refused to hand over any of the documents and my Brother in Law had to go over and barge into their house to get them. They also cleaned up all the money in a joint account, She had saved up 8K working part time all through high school. They took the money and also sold her car which was in their name. They were trying to ruin her life as much as they could.

My father in law is a small-time businessman and his biggest account was supplying my employer. I had helped him get the contract and it was very lucrative for him. My employer was a family business and they treated long term employees more like family than as employees.

I was talking to my boss about what happened. He told me that if I could find someone within 5% range of the price my father in law offered. They would make the switch. My father in law offered us really great rates, He was very good at his job, We weren’t obligated to buy from him, we could switch suppliers anytime but he got complacent and assumed we wouldn’t switch suppliers.

It took me six months of painful searching to find a supplier who could replace him and get us great rates. This was not a major part of my duties and I had to put in way more hours than normal to find the damn supplier but when I did find them, I waited for a month before informing my boss. See, My in laws had been planning to do major renovation for a long time and it involved tearing down a major portion of their house. I waited until the renovation work had truly started before informing my boss.

We started to get supplies from the new supplier the next month itself. It crushed his business. It screwed his unit economics and he had to scramble to find new customers. They ended up having to sell their house to save the business and they didn’t get a good rate for it because the house was well half torn down when they sold it. My In laws did try to get money from my brother in law but he refused.

I am proud to do this.

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