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Dog was discovered with a 16-inch arrow in his head after being shot with a crossbow.

It never fails to astound us what humans will do to helpless creatures. One sad puppy was discovered in an appalling circumstance- He was shot with a crossbow and the arrow was still lodged in his skull.

The 16-inch arrow pierced the top of the dog’s head, yet he miraculously lived.

Nassau County Animal Services officers scooped up the four-year-old canine and brought him to a veterinary facility for emergency surgery.

They were able to remove the arrow miraculously, as well as the dog seemed to be OK.

Officers named the dog “Unicorn.”


Unicorn needs your help! This four-year-old boy was found with a sixteen-inch crossbow arrow lodged in his head. At 2:00 AM, Officer Lothar answered the emergency call, found him, and rushed him to BluePearl Veterinary Hospital in Jacksonville where the arrow was removed. Fortunately, he is making a splendid recovery. We named him, Unicorn. Unicorn is a four-year-old lab-mix with a beautiful golden coat. He is friendly, gentle and knows some commands. He is heartworm positive, so he eligible for our Have-a-Heart, to Save-a-Heart program. When you foster a dog with heartworm disease, we provide the medication and tests, once the heartworm test is negative, should you decide to adopt, we waive the adoption fee. Please spread the word about this gentle dog, he deserves a second chance at life in a loving home. Nassau County is a small government funded animal shelter and funds are limited. If you would like to help with Unicorn’s surgery, medication costs and heartworm treatment, click: and you will be directed to Nassau County website. In the description section type, “UNICORN.” Contributions are tax deductible. We will email a receipt to you. Due to the Corona virus, Nassau County Animal Services is showing pets by appointment only. If you wish to visit a pet, please call the shelter to schedule an appointment, (904)-530-6150. Visiting hours: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 11 -4, Wednesday 1 – 6, Saturday 11 – 3. Nassau County Animal Services 86078 License Road, Yulee, Florida, 32034, near Target, Home Depot and Petco.

Posted by Nassau County Animal Services on Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The important concern, now that Unicorn was safe and healing, was who shot the poor dog with an arrow.

It didn’t take long for authorities to track down the perpetrator: Carey Wilson, a 37-year-old Nassau County resident, was charged with felony animal cruelty.

She acknowledged the offense yet excused herself by stating she wasn’t intending to injure or kill the dog, but rather “frighten it off” after seeing him “peeing on her car tire.” However, the police report labels her a liar.

Nevertheless, Unicorn’s original owner, Nick Sweat, had to submit the dog to animal control due to financial constraints- they liked the dog. He’s a good dog, a family dog, and he wouldn’t hurt anyone, he claimed.

Fortunately, Unicorn is currently doing well.

Unicorn has a new family and is “enjoying his new life,” according to Nassau County Animal Services.

We are very relieved that things worked out for this puppy and that justice was done. Please share this article!

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