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Blake Shelton Leaves ‘The Voice’ to be with his three stepsons — His father taught him how to be a dedicated parent.

As they guide young aspirants into careers in music, the “The Voice” judging panel has become an iconic group. But, one of the panel’s most cherished members will no longer be part of the show.

Blake Shelton, who has been a judge on the program for many years, has revealed that he will not be returning for the upcoming season. He will rather prioritize spending time with his family.

Shelton joined the “The Voice” judging panel for the first season in 2011. Shelton has been as the show’s longest-serving judge for the past 22 seasons. His position on the panel was carefully considered.

Shelton was chosen since he signified a huge section of the American people that enjoyed country music, according to Paul Telegdy, senior vice president of alternative programming at NBC and Universal Media Studios.

Shelton undoubtedly earned a name for himself and “Team Blake,” as he is the show’s winningest coach. During Shelton’s tenure on the program, “Team Blake” has won eight times.

Shelton announced on Instagram a week ago that season 22 of “The Voice” will be his final season. He added that he had been “dealing” with it for some time but had come to the conclusion that it was the best option for him.

He expressed his views regarding the program and all those who helped bring it together season after season, and he stated that he was fortunate to make the connections he did. He revealed that over the years, he formed lifetime friendships with Carson and every single one of his other coaches, even his wife, Gwen Stefani.

He then acknowledged his fans for their years of support, saying that doing live events twice a week would not have been feasible without them. Fans and coworkers reacted positively to his post.

Shelton enjoyed his time on “The Voice,” yet when it comes to his family, he is devoted and dedicated. He does not have any biological kids, but he does have three stepsons who have significantly influenced his life.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton judged “The Voice” together for a while before pursuing a personal connection. When they first met, they felt they’d be together for a long time, and they finally got engaged in October 2020.

Stefani’s boys had a significant role in the couple’s wedding in July 2021. According to a source, the three boys were overjoyed that their mom was marrying Shelton and were ready to attend the ceremony.

Stefani and her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, welcomed their three boys, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo.

Stefani was dubious about Shelton’s ability to be a stepfather to her kids and whether their relationship would endure as she had kids from a prior marriage, but Shelton proved her worries wrong.

The country singer has stated several times that he adores his stepsons and enjoys teaching them new things like fishing and setting fires on his ranch. Stefani’s children adore Shelton just as much as he does them.

Stefani started dating Shelton in 2015, and her youngsters soon welcomed him as a caring father. Shelton spent important holidays like Easter with Stefani and her kids, and the boys regarded him as their dad before he married Stefani.

Shelton revealed a few months ago, shortly after marrying Stefani, that his goals in life were shifting due to his family.

He did not declare his intention to leave the program at the time, although he did state that his wife and step kids came first, with “The Voice” coming in second. He also stated that he enjoys releasing singles but not being bound by albums.

Shelton didn’t have to think twice about welcoming Stefani’s kids into his life due to the foundation his dad, Dick Shelton, set for him many years ago. Shelton’s father married his mother despite the fact that she already had a son, Richie, Shelton’s elder brother.

Shelton stated that since his dad raised his brother without hesitation, he was excited to raise Stefani’s three sons and believed he would be a wonderful stepfather to the boys.

When asked how he thought about having three boys who were not biologically related to him, Shelton said it didn’t matter.

Sadly, Shelton’s dad, the guy who motivated him to be a terrific stepfather, died the same year Stefani and Shelton started dating. After his father’s passing, Shelton postponed many tour dates and urged his fans for tolerance and solitude.

The country singer also recalled having a stepfather in his youth who motivated him to become the stepfather he is now. He said that growing up with a stepfather helped him how to be a great stepfather to his stepchildren.

He stated that he takes his role seriously while still having fun with his stepsons and admitted he can’t picture his life without these children right now.

He has frequently published images of his stepchildren on social media, expressing his love and pride in them. Stefani also posts photos of Shelton with his stepsons on social media.

Stefani expressed her pride in her husband when he announced his departure from “The Voice,” saying she backed him in his decision to benefit their family.

She expressed her feelings in the comments area of his article, adding she felt fortunate to have him. She also stated that his ability brought joy to his followers’ hearts and that she was fortunate to be a part of his life’s journey.

Stefani has also expressed gratitude to Shelton for assisting her in raising her boys. She has frequently posted images of them on her Instagram page, claiming that Shelton is an excellent stepfather.

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