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Donnie Wahlberg’s Huge Tip At IHOP Blows Away A Single Mom: ‘When We Leave, Open It’

Bethany Provencher packed her belongings and relocated to St. Charles, Illinois, after living in Miami for 18 years. Bethany, a single mother with an 11-year-old boy, desired to be closer to her only sister.

She signed a lease for a new apartment, however money was tight, and she couldn’t furnish it to her taste. So she put her 25 years of customer service skills to work at IHOP. This way, she’d be able to keep her expenses covered and maybe buy some wonderful new furnishings.

A celebrity couple arrived at IHOP around the new year and sat in Bethany’s area for lunch. It was none other than Donnie Wahlberg, his wife Jenny McCarthy, and their children.

Bethany was overjoyed; she was not only a major admirer of the New Kids on the Block, yet Donnie was her favorite member of the popular boy band.

His mere presence assured her it was going to be a fantastic year, but then he fulfilled her greatest fantasies.

Donnie paid their $78.45 bill after lunch. On the receipt, he scribbled, “Thanks, Bethany, Happy New Year,” along with a message that stated, “2020 Tip Challenge,” next to a hand-drawn smiling face.

The singer folded the receipt and instructed Bethany not to look at it until he and Jenny had left IHOP…

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