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Don Johnson Turns 73 — He Got Sober And Quit Luxury Life For ‘Sacred’ Living With Wife Of 23 Yrs & 5 Kids.

Don Johnson, the iconic actor who starred in “Miami Vice,” was famous for his wild lifestyle. He is now celebrating his 73rd birthday in a much more relaxed manner with his wife of 23 years, Kelley Phleger. He has changed his life since meeting her.

He was really miserable before meeting his wife. He drank and partied as much as he could, and he was accustomed to filling his life with luxury stuff. Nothing made him happy. He only chose to change his life after meeting his third wife, who made him happy.

When he met Phleger, she was a schoolteacher at a Montessori school. When he spotted her at a birthday celebration for San Francisco’s mayor at the time, he realized he had to meet her. He tried everything to gain her notice, and when he eventually talked to her, they got along great.

Johnson is now working on a variety of projects, including HBO’s “Watchmen” and the forthcoming thriller “Knives Out.” Despite his 73rd birthday, he has no plans to scale down his profession, and now that he has put all of his vices behind, the actor believes he can keep going for years.

Johnson’s life was not always as bright as it is now. He was abused by his rage-filled dad throughout his youth, and he grew up with very little money. When the “Django Unchained” actor was 12, his parents divorced, leaving him, the oldest, to care for his siblings.

Johnson had had enough of his fractured family circumstances by the age of 16, and he left home. He mentioned that it was a painful journey, and that he had to put himself through high school. He did say that providing for himself at such a young age gave him a lot of grit and moulded his attitude.

His life as an adult was not much better. Despite having money and celebrity as a result of his portrayal as Sonny Crockett, he was nevertheless “very miserable.” Johnson was married five times, twice to the same woman, and dated a number of well-known women. In addition, he had 5 kids and suffered from substance problems.

Prior to meeting Phleger, he spent his time drinking and investing on boats, several vehicles, a plane, and a ranch with the belief that these luxurious things would make him deeply unhappy. He was also getting dissatisfied with his way of life, which was affecting his health. He was getting fat and didn’t think he’d live to reach 30.

Johnson, on the other hand, recognized a purpose to leave his old life and all of his vices behind in 1999. He fell in love with Phleger after meeting him, and they married. He quit smoking and drinking, sold his superfluous automobiles, and began caring for his health.

His new wife motivated him to leave his old life behind, and the couple had three children together. Johnson began spending more time with his family and resolved to make up for missed time with his two eldest kids. He has decided to live a “holy” life with people he loves in his old age. About outliving his wild youth, he said that he is relieved to have made it through. Many individuals do not.

Johnson is now content with Phleger after four unsuccessful marriages and a lifestyle that would have definitely led to his demise. He has recognized that family life is the thing that provides him the greatest joy, and he has become an engaged and devoted dad to his five children.

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