Woman is angry when new husband demands she change her ‘weird’ x-mas decorations.

Decorating your house for the holidays may be a lot of fun. Fairy lights, snowflake cutouts, and ribbons and most importantly the Christmas tree may help to create a festive environment. Read the story to know what happened in this blended family while decorating the Christmas tree and what do you think of this situation?

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I’m a black mother of two 12 year old twins and I remarried my husband in the summer so it’s our first Christmas together. It is important that my husband and his son are Caucasian. Anyway I was putting up our Christmas tree and decorations because it’s time and it’s the last Sunday before the kids get swamped with finals and we like to do it together. I asked my husband and stepson if they’d like to join and they said yes.

Now as we’re putting stuff up my husband starts making commentary on how everything is black. I have little black nutcracker ornaments and statues and we have a little Christmas village full of black people. I shrugged it off and we kept going until it was time to bring out the angel tree topper. It was a black angel and my husband stopped me and pulled me to the kitchen. He said we couldn’t have all these “black” decorations when we were now a mixed family and that we had to go and get some regular nutcrackers and people for the village as well as a regular tree topper.

This is where I might come off cold but I said no. No discussion, just no. I told him that if we ever left this house, him and his kids would get to see regular decorations and tree toppers and Santa and all that stuff outside but my kids wouldn’t get the same and the least they deserved was to walk into their house and see decorations that looked like them. Plus it took me a really long time to find all my decorations and I was going to give them to my kids when they moved out. So no.

He said I was being selfish and unwelcoming and that it wasn’t fair for his son to have to leave the house to feel like he belonged. I told him it wasn’t the same and he asked me to explain how but I wasn’t in the mood to have such a heavy discussion so I just shook my head and told him to read a book. I don’t know, was I too harsh? Should I go get some non black decorations? Will this really affect my stepson negatively? I don’t want him to feel like he doesn’t belong but I don’t think that’s even possible. Am I A Jerk ?

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