Donnie Wahlberg stepped up to be the “Dad” to his autistic step-son whose father left him after diagnosis

Donnie Wahlberg was given a second chance in love and in life. And, by the sounds of it, he’s doing a fantastic job! He has a wonderful wife and three kids that love him!

His life has been full of ups and downs, culminating in his present condition.

Donnie Wahlberg’s surname may seem recognizable because he is connected to one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, Mark Wahlberg. But his brother is not the only performer in the family; Donnie has established a solid job in the industry as an actor and musician.

Donnie’s personal life has been filled with sadness. He wedded Kim Fey after five years of dating her. Sadly, the marriage did not endure. In 2008, the pair ended the relationship, claiming unresolved issues as the cause.

Xavier and Elijah are the names of the couple’s 2 kids. Donnie Wahlberg has visiting rights, but their mom has primary custody. According to all reports, the pair is on excellent terms and has mastered the art of co-parenting their kids.

Donnie was unmarried for years until he met actress and television personality Jenny McCarthy. The pair has been married for almost eight years, but it took a long time and a lot of grief for them to discover one another.

Jenny was previously married to director John Asher before marrying Donnie. She met the director on the set of “Diamonds” in 1999, and the pair married the following year. Evan, their son, was born soon after their marriage.

Jenny McCarthy filed for divorce in 2005, alleging unresolved issues, after they had been married for six years. Jenny’s book, “Louder than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism,” describes the breakdown of her relationship.

Her kid was diagnosed with autism in the same year, 2005. While the diagnosis stunned her, it did not distress her or change her feelings towards her kid in the least.

She was unaffected by his diagnosis and kept working and concentrating on her kid by taking him to UCLA doctors and programmes.

She confesses that her son’s condition had an effect on her marriage with her spouse. In an interview she expressed that  John was beginning to become furious at her as he felt neglected. Evan being able to say, ‘I love you, mother,’ was one of her only fantasies. She didn’t mind if she never had another sexual experience.

The pair agreed that Asher should be the one to leave the family home. While the actress lived there with her kid, she was responsible for his care and medical expenditures on her own.

However, she soon met comedy icon Jim Carrey and fell in love. Carrey was very active with her son and adored Jenny. On Valentine’s Day, the actor famously leased a helicopter to show a romantic message for his partner.

Fans adored the couple and supported them. Fans were naturally saddened when the pair declared their split in 2010. McCarthy stated publicly that the connection ceased to be enjoyable and, as a result, ended.

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy had a lot in common when they first met. They had both married for the first time in 1999 and had kids with their ex-spouses.

Donnie met Jenny for the first time in 2012 and was instantly enamoured with her. But it wasn’t until a year later, on the “Jenny McCarthy Show,” that he chose to take the initiative and ask her out.

After a few years of dating, the actor proposed marriage to his girlfriend. He included Jenny’s autistic son Evan in the proposal as well, demonstrating how close the couple is.

In an interview, she described the proposal, stating that she was sitting with Donnie and he walked into the other room and back came Evan with a card that read ‘Will,’ and he presented it to her.

She said that then Evan rushed away, then Evan came in with a card that said ‘You’. She simply started bawling, and Evan rushed back into the room with the word ‘Marry’ written incorrectly.”

She realised it was a proposal at that point and said, “YES!” At this point, Evan chimed in, “I have another dad,” and the trio enjoyed a touching moment together.

The couple married in St. Charles, Illinois. Evan was present at every aspect of the ceremony, even leading his mom down the aisle. Donnie became Evan’s stepfather as soon as they married.

The pair has a warm and loving relationship with one another. Donnie once remarked of his wife, aside from being the finest wife she could have ever dreamt of having, she’s also the best stepmom and mom.  She’s a fantastic spouse, and to put it simply, having someone to develop traditions with his kids and having Jenny as that person is probably the thing he is most thankful for.

Every year, the pair renews their promises. This, they claim, helps them maintain the flame in their relationship.

Evan and Donnie have a wonderful friendship. Donnie gave his wife the best Christmas present ever in 2019. She explained that one Christmas, early on, Donnie delivered her one of the nicest gifts ever, which was that he was paying Evan’s college tuition.

The mixed family is really connected and adores one another. The “Band of Brothers” star had no trouble identifying with Evan because he was himself a parent of two sons. Jenny, on the other hand, is close to Donnie’s boys from his former marriage.

While the pair has been married for some time, they do not have any biological kids together. They claimed in 2017 that they made this choice to relax and enjoy their senior years.

Evan’s dad is back in his life now that he is an adult. Asher confesses that he treated his son’s illness poorly and that he was required to be a better dad.

He now has a wonderful relationship with his son. He even made “A Boy Called Po,” a film inspired by his kid, which he invites all to watch.

#HappyBirthday to the coolest step son ever — Evan Asher! So proud to be a part of your life! ❤️

Posted by Donnie Wahlberg on Thursday, 18 May 2017

On one instance, he stated, he didn’t make the movie to earn money. More than anything, he produced the film to educate others. So, basically, all he wants is for individuals to see it, regardless of how they view it. All he wants is for people to see it.

Asher is still single, but he has developed a deep attachment with his kid. They have a wonderful friendship.

What a lovely mixed family. We wish them all the best.

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