S.C. Dad Sentenced to Life in Prison After Jury Finds Him Guilty of Murdering His 5-Year-Old Son

A jury in South Carolina convicted a dad of killing his kid and sentenced him to life in prison.

Michael Gamble, as per a news release from the South Carolina Fifth Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office, murdered his kid.

According to the announcement, EMS was summoned to Gamble’s Columbia, S.C., home on Jan. 22, 2019, and discovered 5-year-old Jaiden Hammond unconscious and “displaying indications of rigour.”

Officers found many injuries on the small boy’s body, including ones on his hip, torso, back, and face. Gamble’s girlfriend allegedly told the cop that the day he died, she heard him striking Jaiden with a belt “for about 10 minutes as he’d been misbehaving on the bus the day before.”

Jaiden’s examination showed he experienced different subdural hematomas bleeding between the skull and the outer layer of the cerebrum. Notwithstanding other brain wounds, as indicated by the specialist’s office.

According to the news release, further investigation discovered video clips that Mr. Gamble had recorded of his kid in which Jaiden stated he was going to call 911 on his dad for abusing him. In response, the defendant instructed his son on what to say if someone inquired if he had been abused at his home.

Gamble was refused parole in addition to being convicted guilty of homicide through child abuse.

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