Lesbian couple discover that they could be half-sisters

A lesbian pair who bear an amazing similarity have disclosed they may be half-sisters, but they expect to remain together even if they are related.

Carley Gonschior and Mercedes Stewart have been dating for two years and manage the OnlyFans account @notyouraveragesister. They revealed their surprising finding on TikTok, saying they share a dad.

‘When you discover 2 years into dating that your mums both slept with the same person,’ they said in the now-viral video’s on-screen text, which has been seen over 6.9 million times.

In the description, they inquired, should they do a DNA test?

@carleyandmercedes Should we take a DNA test? #siblingsordating #fyp #foryou #wlw #xyzbca ♬ original sound – szasgrandchildren

Numerous individuals have weighed in with their thoughts, with many remarking on how similar Carley and Mercedes resemble.

‘That might explain why you two look like sisters….’ said one.

‘When I first saw you, I assumed you were sisters,’ another said, adding, ‘I HAVE ALWAYS SAID Y’ALL LOOK RELATED.’

Others insisted on a DNA test to determine whether they were half-sisters.

‘Take one right now,’ one TikTok user advised.

They’re scared, they said.

There were also some doubters who didn’t believe their narrative was true.

‘I’m not sure if this is real or a TikTok joke…?’ ‘I feel like this is a joke, but [you] do [for real] look exactly the same,’ one individual revealed, while another added, ‘I feel like this is a joke, but [you] do [for real] look exactly the same.

When Carley and Mercedes inquired, if they’re genuinely related, is it terrible to be together? They started a discussion about whether they should end things if it turns out they are half-sisters.

‘I certainly wouldn’t, but if the love is genuine and something you can overlook, strive for it,’ one person remarked.

‘They [can’t] procreate, therefore it wouldn’t be bad to any child they had if they chose to,’ another person pointed out. ‘So I don’t see anything wrong with that. You had no idea.’

Other commentators were outraged, pointing out that it’s incestuous and unlawful in the majority of US states and Canada, irrespective of if they can’t have kids together.

Carley and Mercedes, on the other hand, didn’t appear to share their anguish, and they proceeded to create amusing movies mocking their claimed circumstances.

They wrote in a follow-up video that showed them smiling together that they are pleased in their two-year relationship. They discovered they could be half-sisters.

In the description, they wrote, ‘Siblings or dating plot twist… maybe both???’

@carleyandmercedes siblings or dating plot twist.. maybe both??? #fyp #foryou #wlw #xyzbca #siblingsordating ♬ what in the jesus christ was that – sam

They stated in another video aired on Monday that they had ordered DNA testing and were waiting for them to come.

When they arrive, one must spit in the tube and send it away. So it’s a couple of weeks, Carley stated.

Mercedes mentioned that they were unclear about how the testing worked and were concerned that kissing might result in false test results.

She wondered will kissing before the test influence the DNA findings as their saliva will be in each other’s mouths?

Carley said that they aren’t certain if they should avoid kissing for 24 hours to ensure that their DNA isn’t ‘in each other’s mouths.’

In their most recent video, the pair appeared to scoff at the idea that they are embracing the prospect that they are connected.

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