Family Drama Begins When Woman Tells Sister She Will Not Longer Give Her Breast Milk.

Breast Milk is definitely the best for a child. But if a mother does not produce enough of them there is no option but to rely on formula milk. Here in this story a mom was emotionally confused whether to stop providing breast milk to her sister’s baby. Read the entire story and let us know what she should do.

Source: Reddit

I (28F) had a stillbirth 5 weeks ago. My sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy 4 weeks ago. After my stillbirth, I was producing milk and pumping, and my sister couldn’t breastfeed after her son was born. Formula shortage was awful and I was literally throwing my milk away, so I offered it to my sister and she gladly accepted.

I was advised by the doctors to pump for 3 weeks after the stillbirth to prevent problems for me, and then stop, otherwise I’d just keep producing milk. Due to the formula shortage, I have been pumping for 5 weeks now, to give the milk to my sister. Now that there is more formula in stock and she has been able go buy it, I told her I’ll stop pumping.

She told me her son has stomach problems after the formula and asked me to keep pumping. I told her I emotionally cannot handle it any longer. She said I am being selfish and she already has to feed her son by bottle (because she at first suggested I’d just nurse him for his daily feedings at least – we live next door, and I refused).

I told her I’m sorry and I can pump for a few more days so she can put some in the freezer and have some back up until she finds a better formula for her son, but she said breast milk is healthiest and I should just help her out.

She called me a selfish AH and said that I am the embodient of ‘misery loves company’. My mother feels I should help my own sister out. My husband said my sister is way out of line. I feel really awful because I could still help her out and I know she needs it. What should I do ?

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