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Donnie Wahlberg’s Autistic Stepson’s Vocals Amazes Public – Proud Stepdad Feels ‘Blessed’ By His Boy.

Donnie Wahlberg, a founding member of New Kids on the Block, gave up his bad boy reputation to become a parent. He has two biological sons and one stepson with autism. His biological boys are shared with his ex-wife, Kimberly Fey, and his stepson is shared with his current girlfriend, Jenny McCarthy.

Wahlberg and McCarthy have almost merged their families, and the three sons treat one another as if they were biological brothers. Wahlberg is passionately protective of his family, particularly his three sons.

Evan Asher, the stepson of Mark Wahlberg, is a musician who has just released his first single with the support of his stepfather. Evan wrote the words, Evan, Wahlberg, and Elijah, Evan’s half-brother, composed the music, and Wahlberg produced the song.

Two weeks ago, Evan published “It Doesn’t Matter” on YouTube with an original music video. All individuals who listened to the “masterpiece” quickly gave him great feedback.

One admirer said that they played the song on repeat all night, another referred to the artist as a “complete rockstar,” while yet another referred to the music as a piece of art. One person said that he was so young and skilled, and that they anxiously awaited his new songs.

One lady said that it motivated her to watch Evan pursue his aspirations and produce music since it touched her heart.

Evan has acquired a fan following, but his family is the most supportive of him. Evan’s mom, stepfather, and stepbrothers have all expressed their opinions about his pursuit of his goals.

Originally, Evan had written the song but had no intention of performing it. Evan decided to give it a go after some encouragement from his stepfather and his stepbrother, who is the main singer for the band Pink Laces.

Elijah became Evan’s companion during the whole process and instructed him on how to feel comfortable performing his own compositions. When it came time to create the music video, the lads sought their father’s assistance.

Wahlberg is now a filmmaker and gladly assisted his boys in bringing their idea for the music video to reality, discussing how he felt about assisting his boys.

Wahlberg reiterated that nothing was given to Evan and that he had to work just as hard as everybody else to establish that his music deserved to be created. Wahlberg then said that he could not have been more proud of Evan when he launched the song.

Even if Evan concluded that music wasn’t his final career choice, the arduous process of composing, performing, and recording a music video for his song was enough to show him that he could do anything, according to the experienced musician and actor.

Jenny McCarthy and Mark Wahlberg met while McCarthy was raising Evan as a single mother. She struggled to manage her autistic kid and maintain a loving relationship until she met Wahlberg, at which point everything fell into place.

Before beginning a serious love engagement, the couple took the time to get to understand one another and make sure that their kids got along. Nonetheless, they were both aware that they had met their future husband.

Until Wahlberg’s proposal to McCarthy, Evan had never referred to Wahlberg as “dad.” She claimed that she was seated in a room when Evan and Wahlberg departed, and then Evan returned with a card that read “will” and two other cards that read “you” and “marry.”

McCarthy commented on the day, stating Wahlberg entered the room wearing a shirt that said, “me?” She responded quickly and was weeping as Evan exclaimed that he has another father.

She said that at this time, everyone got emotional and shed tears of joy together since they were finally a family. Even during his mother’s wedding to Wahlberg, Evan escorted his mother down the aisle.

McCarthy said that the wedding day was particularly meaningful since her son was by her side through one of the most crucial periods of her life, and he had such a lovely relationship with Wahlberg, which made her emotional.

Although Wahlberg enjoys an exceptional affinity with both his own boys and Evan, he has said that his relationship with Evan is absolutely distinct from his relationship with his sons. He describes Evan as a “gift” for which he must thank God.

He said that his own boys are more academic and guarded with their emotions, but Evan is very emotional and likes to share his feelings with people at all times.

Wahlberg asserts that while McCarthy engages in academic talks with his boys, he and McCarthy’s son play baseball or express affection for one another.

McCarthy and Wahlberg have a special relationship with each other’s kids, and they take pride in the fact that they have nurtured their blended family so that everyone always feels heard and seen.

In 2015, Wahlberg even tweeted that he was doubly fortunate with the birth of his third son after marrying his wife of four years in 2014.

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