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Thug Pulls Gun On Store Clerk, Realizes He’s A Military Veteran Who Fears Nothing.

A security camera caught the time a would-be burglar walked up to the counter of a store while smoking a cigarette. Unbothered by the customer’s impolite conduct, cashier Jon Lewis Alexander, a 54-year-old veteran of the military, informed him that smoking was prohibited in the shop.

As the would-be thief entered the Beer 30 liquor shop in Marionville, Missouri, he anticipated fleeing with wads of cash. Yet, the subsequent meeting was like something from a Clint Eastwood movie, and it was just as wonderful.

Unaware of Alexander’s history, the thug took a last draw from his cigarette and drew a gun from his jeans. Then he instructed Alexander to empty the cash register and give him the cash.

At this point, the thief committed his last error. At a moment, Alexander moved into fighting mode. Unfazed, the veteran lifted his hand and stopped the arm holding the pistol, therefore diverting the would-be thief. Alexander removed his 9mm handgun from its waistline holster and put the barrel to the man’s lips with his other hand.

Once the guy understands the gravity of the scenario, he backs away slowly towards the door. Alexander points the revolver at the thug until he exits and disappears from view. He claimed that he chose not to murder the individual because he had dropped his weapon and fled.

Alexander claims to have held several “high-risk” positions, such as corrections officer, private investigator, and four tours of duty in Iraq. He attributes his calm demeanor during the armed robbery to his experience with risky circumstances in the past.

Jeannine and Max Dawson, who run the business, claim that crime has increased in the region. She acknowledges that she was aware of Alexander’s background, but was nonetheless amazed by the manner in which he dealt with the circumstance.

Alexander hopes his experience with the armed robber will convince others to stop being victims. Everyone can learn how to use a firearm for self-defense properly.

Jon Lewis Alexander may have more encounters with risky situations than the average citizen, but his advice is sound. Individuals may either stay defenseless or equip themselves.

Even the toughest and most powerful man is helpless when staring down the barrel of a firearm. Similarly, a firearm in the hands of the weakest individual is the greatest leveler.

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