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Dr Phil Is A Loving Father To 2 Look-Alike Sons Who He Says Are ‘Remarkable’ Men.

Dr. Phil McGraw had a difficult upbringing growing up with his alcoholic father. During his interview on “The Coach Mike Podcast” in February 2020, he spoke candidly about growing up in an abusive family.

Dr. Phil said that in order to escape his father, he entered the house via his bedroom window rather than going through the house—it was a shambles. Screaming, yelling, violence, interpersonal violence.

Regardless of the poisonous atmosphere he grew up in, he adored his dad, Dr. Joseph McGraw, a psychologist who died in the 1990s from an incurable and inoperable heart condition.

In June 2009, the best-selling novelist said that he always had mixed feelings on Father’s Day since it is a day of serious introspection.

The 72-year-old said that he wishes his father could have seen his achievements, the books he has authored, and the television series he has hosted.

The media personality claimed that his dad was a devoted grandpa to his two boys, Jordan McGraw and Jay McGraw, saying that what hurts him the most about his father’s death is that he didn’t get to spend the final 20 years of his family’s existence with him. He adored Jay and Jordan in the way that only a grandpa can, and they, in turn, adored their poppy.

He went on to say that Dr. Joe took joy in each new step in his grandchildren’ lives and has a special place in their hearts. He would have liked to see children grow up, he said, but it was not meant to be in this situation.

Dr. Phil grew up to be an excellent parent to his three daughters, with whom he shares a 69-year-old wife, Robin McGraw. The couple has been married for nearly forty years, having married in 1976.

In September 1979, the couple had their firstborn child, Jay, who, like his renowned father, built a prosperous career. Jay is a television producer and writer.

The 43-year-old executive produced his dad’s multiple primetime specials and has produced “Face of Truth” and “Bull.”

According to Dr. Phil’s website, he has written six books, including “Closing the Gap” and “Life Strategies for Teens.”

Jay has been married to Erica Dahm since 2006, and the couple has two children, Avery Elizabeth McGraw and London Philip McGraw.

Jordan, Robin and Dr. Phil’s youngest son, was born in October 1986 and, like his elder brother, has achieved success in his own way while taking a different route.

Rather than pursuing a career in television, he sought a career in music. Jordan debuted his first single, “Flexible,” in 2019, followed by a three-song self-titled EP later that year.

The 36-year-old released a song called “Her” in April 2021, followed by “Her” in July. He has traveled with well-known bands such as the Jonas Brothers throughout his musical career.

Jordan is also the devoted husband of writer Morgan Stewart. The couple married in December 2020, and their first child, Row, was born three months later.

The TV psychologist expressed his pride and admiration for his boys, who have grown into successful men with their own families.

Dr. Phil said that he is still connected with Jay and Jordan and has a personal connection with them. Even though they are away from home and living on their own, they communicate on a regular basis.

The native of Oklahoma is also a devoted grandpa to his four grandkids. On March 10, 2020, he celebrated the 10th birthday of one of his grandchildren, Avery, on Instagram.

Dr. Phil shared a slide presentation from the little one’s big day, including a shot of him, his wife Robin, and the birthday girl, as well as her brother London and their parents.

In September of that year, on Grandparents Day, the TV program host turned to Instagram and raved over his grandchildren, London and Avery. He shared a collage of the siblings, each in the same stance; Avery placed her arm over her brother.

Jordan announced the birth of his first child on social media in February 2021, adding another member to the family. “Row Renggli McGraw, 2/16/21,” he captioned a photo of him holding his infant and adoring her.

His father had rejoiced a year ago when he found out that he and Stewart were expecting their first child together. In a social media message, Dr. Phil congratulated the newlyweds.

Dr. Phil pampers his grandchildren because he is a softie when it comes to them. He earlier told that his now 12-year-old granddaughter and eleven-year-old grandson like cooking.

Robin also said that her husband is smitten with the children, who nicknamed him “Popps.” She noted that he can be incredibly lovely and sympathetic, as well as humorous. The strong Dr. Phil has a soft side. He also treats them to terrible popsicles while their parents keep them on a diet.

Jay, the star of “Renovate My Family,” once said that he would not be who he is now if it weren’t for his loving father. He sets a very high standard, he observed.

Dr. Phil is not only a great dad, but he also gives valuable parenting advice. His was Jordan’s first call before going on their first post-baby date.

Their daughter Row is now 22 months old, and Jordan said that he and his wife were concerned about leaving their child. His dad informed him: one must appreciate every moment. One must continue to enjoy each other’s company.

Dr. Phil reiterated his argument by saying that no matter how much parents love their children, they need to take a vacation from time to time to recharge. He claims that it benefits the kid as well, since they learn, and that it helps parents overcome separation anxiety.

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