‘Dragon Girl’ with 600 tattoos went ‘BLIND’ after getting her eyeballs inked

Despite conceding that her ‘eyeball tattoos’ and ‘tongue split’ did not go as planned, an Australian lady who altered herself with $250,000 worth of tattoos and body alterations claims she ‘doesn’t repent anything.’

Amber Luke, 27, of Brisbane, explained about her radical body alterations and tattoos on Thursday.

The influencer, who has over 600 tattoos, claims the high cost is “all worth it” since she “saw how strong she is” by subjecting her body to immense pressure.

She also said that, although not being epileptic, she has gone into shock and had fits as a result of treatments.

She explained she got her first tattoo when she was 16, it was a negative energy release, it was a milestone for her. She continued that it felt like she’d gone through something so ecstatic, it was serene and homely and she still feels it, its pride and joy, it’s great.

Although confessing that her eyeball tattoo went wrong, leaving her blind for three weeks, she asserted that she doesn’t repent a damn detail.

She reportedly admitted to having her tongue split twice, with the first time failing and the second time causing ‘excruciating’ agony since she had to cut through scar tissue.

The Instagram and OnlyFans model, known online as ‘Blue Eyes White Dragon,’ once injected blue ink into her eyeballs during an agonising 40-minute treatment that rendered her blind for three weeks.

She’s also spent $70,000 on radical physical changes such as tongue splitting, breast augmentation, cheek and lip fillers, pointed implants in her ears, and a Brazilian butt lift.

Amber’s teeth have been sharpened into fangs and she has various piercings.

She has earlier spoken up about her mental health struggles and revealed how the bodily changes made her feel more at ease with herself.

She published a photo of herself with a naked face shot at the age of 18 in 2020, with words tattooed down her ribs.

In June she wrote that this was her when she was 18 years old. She was catatonically miserable, suicidal, and a walking zombie. She felt numb. She despised herself most of the time, and it was a profound loathing. It tortured her.

She has completely altered herself into someone she is proud of. She is a strong lady who understands who she is and what she wants.

On Thursday, she said, all have a view of what beauty is, and that no one needs to perceive her as lovely.

She stated that not all are raised to be that open-minded; society is so restricted. The stigma associated with tattoos must be removed.

After pleading guilty to narcotics trafficking in May of last year, the former topless waitress for an outlaw bikie group narrowly escaped jail time.

Amber pled guilty in December 2020 to seven drug offences after police raided her Capalaba house and discovered sealed packages of marijuana, MDMA, and other drug-related paraphernalia.

She was convicted in May 2021 in Brisbane District Court, where the court heard she engaged in street-level drug sales, earning thousands of dollars in unlawful money.

Instead of a prison sentence, she was handed a three-year suspended sentence with immediate release to seek treatment for the mental health disorders she claims have plagued her entire life.

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