Mom Is Tired Of Calls From School Demanding She Bring Her Daughter To Class Because They Don’t Believe She’s Actually Sick, So She Maliciously Complies.

Children attempt to escape school for a variety of reasons. Her school didn’t think she was unwell after a month of absence and threatened her mother with social services. Read the story to know what the mother did and let us know how you would react to the situation.

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This happened when I was in elementary school but the compliance was my moms. I got a whooping cough which has a lifespan of 100 days. We got a doctor’s note from my school and everyone seemed fine with it except the main office administrator who was constantly calling my mom to bug her about when I was coming back.

About a month in she calls my mom and tells her it’s impossible I’ve been sick for this long and if I’m not in school on Monday she’s calling social services. Keep in mind at this point I can barely lift my head, I sound like Darth Vader and every few minutes I start coughing like I’m doing an impression of a goose fighting a Toyota.

My mom was so sick of this sh%t that she put a mask on me and took me to school in a taxi. She practically had to drag me to my class and didn’t even bother leaving. I got sent home before the bell even rang.

Because of school policy I was sent to the office and had to be signed out which meant nasty admin lady got to see exactly how miserable and sick I was. She then had the nerve to ask me how could my mom even consider sending me to school. Unfortunately for her my mom just to walk up a flight of stairs to come get me (because she knew what the hell was gonna happen). She signed me out and let the admin lady know that I would cough on anyone who thought I wasn’t really sick.

EDIT: because lots of people are asking about vaccinations. I’m not in the US, I’ve jut googled it and it’s not standard here to give the vaccine to children under 18. I think it may be something they do for pregnant moms but we immigrated and my mom got her pre-natal care at a very small under funded hospital. My mom was super on top of all my vaccinations.

Also to the people commenting and messaging me to say my mom is a terrible person/parent. She was effectively the sole parent to two kids. At the point this story was happening I had been extremely ill and she was at her wits end. She worked full time and didn’t drive which made getting me to the doctor already really hard without my school threatening CPS on her. She did her best to make sure I didn’t breathe on anyone or even go near them. Worth mentioning there were NO other cases at my school, before or after.

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