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Drew Barrymore claims she hasn’t had sex in six years, following her divorce from Will Kopelman.

Women, whether we like it or not, always get the short end of the stick. We are assessed based on what we wear, whether we want to make our sex life public or not, and our ability to control our own lives. Drew Barrymore attracted attention after admitting on her blog that she had not engaged in sexual intercourse since her divorce from her spouse.

She discusses her evolving view on intimacy and sex in a blog post. She begins by telling a tale. She walked into an exercise class the other day and this woman said to her, ‘you look just like Drew Barrymore only you have mental wellness and she hates sex!’ Drew had no idea what this woman was on about, she penned.

Barrymore notes that a prior statement about a male actor refraining from sex for six months didn’t seem like a big deal to her sparked this topic. While the assumption for males to be sexually charged is always a separate issue, she thought she should have discussed this. That must have been difficult for him, she explained. She realizes what he means now. And she is sure there was a time in her life when six months felt excessive, however she is on the other side of that now. Going back in time to describe her feelings, she adds, she has completely different thoughts about closeness now than she did when she was younger. She grew up without role models and interacted with individuals in mature ways from a young age! She desired company, affirmation, excitement, pleasure, sensuality, and enjoyment. And thrills!! Now, since she can’t go back in time and change her past. Therefore she chose to look at it from a positive perspective, which is that she survived! She had a very full and colorful life.

While Barrymore has two kids, she does not imagine a future in which there is a male. In addition to this epiphany, she continues, she realized when working in therapy with Barry that he said something and she needed to write it down. ‘Sex is not love; it is the manifestation of love,’ he remarked. She has spent her entire life looking for words like those to help her comprehend the difference, and now, due to him, she does.

In a similar vein, she attempts to convey what it implies to be parenting two girls while experiencing a personal breakthrough. She is also parenting two daughters, so how do they teach them to be appropriate and strong, to respect themselves, and to understand that one lives in an age when the pictures and messages they receive conflict what she’s grown to feel intimacy is?

In addition, Intimacy encourages one to feel good about oneself! She also discusses and has learnt that when something does not make one feel good or makes one feel horrible about oneself, pay as much attention to it as to what does since there is a learning in there.

To summarize she said she is not someone who requires sex and has to go out and interact with individuals on that level. She is very devoted to developing how young girls, her daughters, and she as women are intended to operate in this society!

For a long time, she had no desire to be in a relationship with a man. And just in case anyone missed the memo, Barrymore clarifies, for the record, she do not despise sex! She’ve recently had the realization that love and sex are not the same thing. She’s spent her entire life trying to be a serene woman rather than a noisy party girl.


Posted by Drew Barrymore on Sunday, 16 October 2022

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