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Drew Barrymore Says She Can Go ‘Years’ Without Having Sex

When it comes to dry periods, Drew Barrymore doesn’t give a damn. After discovering that Andrew Garfield had spent six months without sex to prepare for a film part, the talk show host quipped on Tuesday that she could go “years” without it. Drew’s love life has already been discussed on her show.

Drew stated why she believed a few months was no big problem while refuting the stories she had heard about Andrew.

“What’s wrong with me that six months doesn’t feel that long?” Ross Matthews laughed as she asked the Drew Barrymore Show audience.

Drew joked with Ross, “I was like, ‘Yeah, so.'”

“That’s the headline: “Drew can go six months no problem,” he said. Drew rectified him and said that she could go a way longer without putting it on, saying that she could go “years” without getting it on.

Although Drew’s abstinence from sex was unremarkable, it’s clear that it was a big deal for Andrew, who discussed it on Marc’s WTF show.

Every day, he engaged in a variety of spiritual activities. He devised new self-care habits. He had some very strange and bizarre experiences, he spoke of his Silence prep work, which involved depriving himself of both food and sex.

Drew lately sat down with ex-boyfriend Justin Long to discuss their on-again, off-again romance, which ran from 2007 to 2010 and encompassed the duration of two films in which the two featured together.

He appreciates how they’ve kept their love alive. He understands it’ll never go away from his end. He ‘ll always love her, she understands, Justin whispered softly before Drew agreed.

Despite her claim that she can spend long periods without intercourse, she has had multiple meaningful relationships, involving three marriages — with Jeremy Thomas, Tom Green, and Will Kopelman — that resulted in two kids (Olive and Frankie) who she shares with Will.

We’re sure a bunch of folks connected to Drew’s revelation, which is why she’s so upfront and honest about her sentiments when filming her show.

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