During her own wedding, the bride was killed instantly by a stray gunshot from celebratory gunfire.

At her own wedding, a bride was killed instantly when a stray bullet from the celebratory shooting struck her in the head.

Mahvash Leghaei, 24, was being married in Iran’s Firuzabad when a visitor, who is thought to be the groom’s cousin, opened fire with an illegally owned high-powered hunting rifle.

The graduate in psychology was shot in the head directly, and two other male attendees were also hurt.

Despite being against the law, it is nonetheless popular in the Middle East to fire a gun during weddings.

They got an emergency report of a gunshot at a wedding venue in Firuzabad city, and officers were deployed promptly, police spokesperson Colonel Mehdi Jokar said.

According to a local nomad tradition, someone had fired bullets with a hunting rifle, which was found by the police. Tragically, due to the crowds and the shooter’s poor gun control, he managed to hit 3 individuals- 2 men and the bride.

The man who discharged the unauthorized hunting weapon at the wedding was found by police after the shooter left the scene.

Original accounts state that two shots were fired, the first of which missed its target rather hit the bride in the head and brain before striking the other two guests.

The bride was put into a coma and eventually passed away, according to the police spokeswoman, but the two other people who were shot weren’t gravely hurt.

A 36-year-old shooter who was not named but was supposedly the groom’s cousin.

According to the police spokesman, any disturbance of public order crosses the red line, and the police need to intervene. People also need to be aware that, in order to foster a sense of community safety, shooting is prohibited at weddings. They will take harsh action against anyone discovered to be breaching this rule.

According to the victim’s relatives, three individuals have benefited from her donated organs.

Her uncle said that she had been assisting drug users overcome their addiction while working as a social worker, and that she had just recently made the decision to obtain an organ donor card.

When they learned of her passing, they made the decision to honor her desires and set up the organ donation.

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