Father who crushed his daughter, 19, to death by running over her twice in his car convicted of murder

After frightening her boyfriend with a crowbar and running over his daughter’s corpse with his car twice, the father was “completely overwhelmed with rage” and killed his daughter by crushing her to death.

On January 23 of this year, Nigel Malt, 44, ran over Lauren Malt, 19, in front of the West Winch, Norfolk, house where she resided with her mom and younger siblings.

Then, according to evidence presented before Norwich Crown Court, he placed her corpse in his passenger seat and took her to a hospital in King’s Lynn where she was later declared dead.

Malt was residing separately at a different home and was separated from his wife and kids.

Prior to reversing his automobile into and knocking over his daughter, Andrew Jackson, the prosecutor, had told the jury that Malt had clashed with Ms. Malt and intimidated her boyfriend, Arthur Marnell, with a crowbar on Leete Way.

Mr. Marnell made it out unhurt.

The barrister said that after throwing her to the floor, the driver reversed over her.

He came to a halt before moving the automobile over her corpse once more.

When Lauren Malt’s corpse was later examined, it was discovered that she had suffered crushing wounds to her head, chest, arms, and legs in addition to bruises and lacerations.

She suffered serious wounds to her chest and abdomen, according to the results of the post-mortem study.

She was essentially trampled to death, according to Mr. Jackson.

Malt, of King’s Lynn, Norfolk, first claimed his daughter’s death was an accident; but, after a trial, he was convicted.

After a little more than a day of deliberations, the jury delivered its unanimous decision on Monday.

Malt was completely possessed with fury, according to Mr. Jackson, after he failed in his attempt to inflict harm on Ms. Malt’s partner and she instructed him to go home.

The separation from his wife and family, he continued, “no doubt exacerbated his wrath.”

The prosecutor said that Malt’s wife, Karen Malt, had reported him to police in April 2021 for hitting her. At that time, the defendant was detained and released on bail.

According to Mr. Jackson, the night before Ms. Malt was slain, Malt visited the store where his wife worked, took a car to her house, and made many phone calls.

The prosecutor declared, “The defendant’s bond with his family was damaged and it was something he wasn’t willing to face.”

Between 6.25 and 6.52 p.m., he made 19 attempts to phone Ms. Malt’s home’s landline while she and her boyfriend were in the shop where his wife was working.

He had earlier driven to the house, but no one had answered the door.

Malt’s “continuous” calls were unanswered, according to Mr. Jackson, so the defendant placed three more calls, the last of which lasted one minute and six seconds and was answered.

It seems Lauren did pick up the phone, Mr. Jackson added.

The defendant is aware of all that was said during that conversation to Lauren, yet Lauren is no longer alive.

After that contact ended, the defendant left the West Winch store and drove straight to Leete Way in less than two minutes.

He left and returned to Leete Way because of something said in that call.

Don’t call the police, Malt told him after running over his daughter.

According to Mr. Jackson, Malt placed Ms. Malt’s body in his front passenger seat before driving her to the store where his wife worked before having her declared dead at the hospital.

Judge Anthony Bate postponed the case to a day in August that would be determined for sentence.

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